Civil War Video Review

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What are the main points of the video?

The video outlines some of the main events in the American history that contributed to the rise of the Civil War. Among them, Manifest Destiny, which was a notion coined to enable America to conquer other territories. Manifest Destiny led America to spread its conquest mission into Mexico. Most leaders were skeptical about this move as some described it as the forbidden fruit. True to their word, it came with its consequences one of them is creating a loophole for Civil War. Similarly, the compromise of 1850 was another event that saw the birth of the Civil War as it prompted emancipation of slaves and even abolition of slavery in certain states. The fugitive slave law and Uncle Tom’s cabin are other elements in American history that contributed to the struggle against slavery, hence, the Civil War. Finally, South and North had profound differences such as economic difference whereas north was industrial in nature, the south was the agricultural based economy. Additionally, in the north, a free wage system existed while the south was dominated by the slavery system. These differences eventually contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War.

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In summary this video states:

The regional differences that existed between the north and the south ignited the Civil War crisis of the 1850s. The professors discuss the succession of events that culminated in one of the worst wars in American history, the Civil War. The incidents such as Bloody Kansas, shots on Fort Sumter among other occurrences ignited a conflict between the south and the north that eventually turned into a Civil War.

I would rate this video:

Better than Average


The video is very educative on the issue of Civil War. However, what makes the video deserve good rating is the speaker who presents well-articulated points that are easy to understand. The speaker explains the events in detail, which allow students to understand and learn the causes of the Civil War.

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