The legalization of Marijuana in the United States

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For a long time, marijuana has been associated with people with addiction issues, including unfocused teenagers and criminals. In recent years, Marijuana use has been a controversial issue for discussion as its legalization debate has risen (Caulkins, and Kilmer, 2084).  While some of the states in the United States have legalized it, the debate arises since people and organizations have varied opinions regarding the same. With more than a half of the United States population supporting its legalization, a conclusion can be drawn that the product is advantageous. However, it is impossible to ignore the opinion of the rest of the population since their reasons are important to evaluate the pertinence of the legalization decision.

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The reason for legalizing Marijuana is ascribed to the multiple benefits derived from it. Marijuana is a medicinal component, which if used in appropriate quantities can offer relief to some medical conditions (Miron, and Katherine, 1). It contains medicinal properties that help patients with some conditions. For cancer and AIDS patients, the substance has been used to increase their appetite. Epilepsy patients benefit from the cannabis oil drawn from the plant and it is also used as a pain reliever on various occasions. With many states having legalized the substance, they limit their use to medicinal purposes, illegalizing the recreational use of the substance. The sale of cannabis is a source of revenue for the country. The plant can be grown as a cash crop to generate job opportunities for many Americans and boost the economy positively. In addition, cannabis could limit the existence of drug cartels (Maier et al. 130). Legalizing it potentially disrupts monetary among cartels and could end the existent drug wars.

The unacceptance of the legalization of cannabis is attributable to some concerns raised by the medical and recreational use of the product. First, the drug is addictive and could lead to unwanted dependency and the experience withdrawal effects after continued use of the substance. This is a health concern since the individual’s capacity to make rational decisions is disrupted (Caulkins, and Kilmer, 2085). It could also lead to mental incapacity after continued dependency on the substance. Smoking marijuana is a health hazard since it espouses the onset of heart and lung conditions. This leads to unwanted economical expenses since the country needs to fund rehabilitation activities for the cannabis-addicted patients. The use of marijuana is stereotyped to be for lazy, unmotivated and sometimes criminal individuals. Eliminating this stereotype cannot be easily eliminated by simply legalizing it. The use of marijuana could lead to the need to use other hard drugs by substance users (Maier et al. 135). Healthcare professionals have concerns about recreational legalization since it could potentially lead to the use of harder substances such as cocaine and heroin.

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Legalizing marijuana is a more compelling argument. Despite the negativity associated with the substance, it has its benefits which are inconsequential if Marijuana is illegal. The negative impacts of Marijuana can be controlled. In some states, recreational use has been illegalizing it with the law advocating for the medicinal utilization of cannabis (Caulkins, and Kilmer, 2086). In addition, the substance will still be made available by the existing drug cartels and will continue inducing drug wars and a drug-oriented economy.

This controversy is important in society as it educates them on the provisions of the law regarding the use of the substance. In addition, it is an educative platform where an individual learns the benefits and disadvantages of using the product. The controversy ensures that issues and concerns regarding its legalization are addressed to and the government is vigilant to make sure that the negative impact does not outdo the positive impacts.  It provides a basis for further research to identify ways to control and eliminate the negative impact of the substance to the populace. The evidence presented regarding this controversy is relevant as it offers powerful insight on further research on the topic.

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