Data Collection Methods

Subject: ⚖️ Law
Type: Evaluation Essay
Pages: 3
Word count: 805
Topics: 💥 Domestic Violence, 🔪 Crime
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Scenario 1

It is important to appreciate the fact that the best method that can be employed in this case depends on the complexity of the information needed as well as its ease of access. The police officer is the best person to give his or her perceptions of the effectiveness of having body cameras while on duty. Therefore, the survey would be the most appropriate. This choice has been arrived at since different police officers are likely to have different opinions regarding the question at hand. For instance, one officer is likely to respond that this is necessary to cover events at a scene of the crime comprehensively (Burgess, 2011). On the other hand, another would reason that he/she prefers a camera when interrogating someone. The third is likely to be of the opinion that a camera is suitable when following criminals since it helps the officers know what areas require improvement when it comes to the pursuit of criminals. It is therefore conclusive to say that since different opinions are required, it would be most appropriate that we use survey method of data collection. With this, we are likely to have varied opinions regarding the effectiveness of body cameras.

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Scenario 2

When it comes to hotspot analysis of 911 calls on domestic violence, there are two different stakeholders involved in this case, the police and the affected victims. Reliance on a single method of data collection and analysis would appear to be insufficient enough to make a comprehensive analysis of the case (Vogt, 2010). One of the method of data collection to use in this case is survey research. This would include the police as well as domestic violence victims.

To regain the much-needed confidence when it comes to data analysis, all the stakeholders involved must be given a chance to air their opinions in regards to this issue. Matters to do with domestic violence are likely to attract varied opinions and perspectives based on opinions. It is these views that need to be put in consideration when collecting data. The second method that is equally essential in this case is the use of existing data. To avoid bias, it would be important that all first-hand information regarding the case have been retrieved (Burstein, 2014). They are essential means of determining the exact flow of events and how different aspects of the case may have been interpreted with the use of the law. Therefore, scenario 2 requires two data collection methods.

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Scenario 3

Stalking is considered a very common problem in Midwest City, something that requires a lot of interrogation when it comes to finding out concrete facts with the use of data. To come up with quality data, it is important to note that the residents who are the most affected must be given a chance to air their opinion in regards to the issue of stalking that has become more prevalent. In addition to that, it would be essential to conduct field research. This would require a team to be positioned at different sections of the city to gather their data. This is based on the fact there are chances that the first-hand interviews conducted from the residents are likely to be biased. The most affected would want to magnify the incidences based on emotions (Rossi, Wright & Anderson, 2013).

It is therefore conclusive to say that the best methods of obtaining data from Midwest City in regards to cases of stalking would be effective with the use of survey and field research. The advantage of using the two data collection methods has been influenced by the need to prevent bias since the findings should be based on accurate data. As much as there will be some overdependence on first-hand data obtained from the residents, field research would come in handy in countering any inaccurate data.

Scenario 4

Prostitution is something that has gained popularity at truck stopping points, something that cannot be ignored considering the number of trucks that are on the rise on our roads. Data collection, in this case, is likely to experience a lot of hindrance due to the competitive environment in which the data is to be obtained. It is therefore important to approach this scenario with a lot of objectivity. The most efficient method that can be used is reliance on existing data obtained from previous studies. On the other hand, the accuracy of this data may have been distorted bearing in mind that there are internal and external factors that may have affected the environment in which prostitution occurs (Vogt, 2010). The next appropriate method would be the use of field research since it would not involve direct interaction with the stakeholders involved. It creates a platform from where one can make self-judgment since quite some happenings can easily be observed.

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