Solving the Problem of Gun Violence

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Topics: 🔫 Gun Violence, 🔫 Gun Control
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Gun violence has been an issue of concern facing countries in the world where citizens have easy access to guns. The United States is a good example of a country facing one of the world’s highest rates of gun violence due to the easy policies that make it easy for its citizens to access guns. Mexico and Brazil are also some countries experiencing concern with gun violence, with high rates of people being murdered. Gun violence also directly impacts society as it causes fear among citizens, paralyzing activities such as attending school and accessing health services. Some solutions to gun problems are setting up strict gun acquiring policies, arresting gun abusers, and preventing the illegal arms trade.

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Establishing Stricter Gun Policies

Setting up strict gun acquiring policies is a major step in reducing the problem of gun violence. This is because easy access to guns makes it easy for people that misuse them to gain access and violate terms of usage. According to Peterson and Bushway, “The national policy discourse on ways to further reduce gun violence focuses on either enhancing existing laws or passing new laws that could prevent violent crimes” (2020). The quote emphasizes the significance of gun policies to ensure people handling guns and trained users. Strict gun policies will also be important because guns will be given to people who have achieved the set criteria to ensure they use them correctly. It is evident that there exist gun owners that do not qualify to own guns, but they own them. Such people are more likely to misuse guns as they lack the capacity to own and use guns. These strict policies may include achieving the required age limit and professional training in handling and operating guns.

Arresting gun abusers is also essential in ensuring that gun violence is significantly reduced. Giffords Law Center writes, “An abusive partner’s access to a firearm is a serious threat to victims of domestic violence, making it five times more likely that a woman will be killed” (2022). This quote explains how many people are abusing the use of guns in society and being able to get away with it. Ensuring that gun abusers are arrested, and proper legal action is taken is an important step to make it aware to the public that gun holders should be accountable for their firearms and use them for the right purpose. Masters explains that the gun control debate has been an issue of concern that has resulted in very legal action being formulated, resulting in increased gun abuse (2022). There have been cases where gun offenders were not held accountable for gun violence crimes they committed. Such incidences are misunderstood by other gun holders who do not take proper responsibility for what they do with their guns. A society where gun abusers are prosecuted and brought to face justice on time will ensure that other gun owners are afraid to misuse their guns for fear of arrest.

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Solving the Issue of Illegal Arms Trade

The selling of illegal arms trade is an issue of concern as it results in illegal guns being easily accessible to people that do not qualify to handle them. As per the legal protocols, guns should be licensed and can be traced to their owners. The illegal arms trade makes guns accessible to even criminals who use them as weapons for violent acts. According to Vargas and Barrio, “Gun trafficking fuels crime and undermines state and local efforts to mitigate violence…” (2022). The quote explains the state of gun control in the US, which is not perfect regarding gun control. The illegal selling of guns makes it possible for unqualified people to own guns, resulting in a constant increase in gun violence. If governments can control the guns being sold, it would greatly cut down on the rate of gun violence as it will be possible to follow up on law offenders and bring them to justice.


Conclusion, gun violence is an issue that affects a lot of countries, and coming up with solutions to reduce it is very important. This is because while the industry is profitable to governments, it has devastating effects if it is not well managed. The fact that the issue of gun violence has been a constant issue over the years proves that proper solutions are put in place to ensure there is no loss of lives and that guns are used for the correct purpose. By doing this, it will be possible to significantly reduce the concern of gun violence and have a society where gun owners use their guns only for the main reason that they signed up.

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