Difference Between Islam and Christianity

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For many times these religions have been the most powerful among people — Islam and Christianity. Each of them is distinct from the other in various elements, such as the Quran and the Bible. The adherents of each religion believe that their faith is genuine because they reason that it is unadulterated and the other is adulterated. What are the differences between these prominent religions? To completely grasp these two religions, we should first clarify the meaning of their titles. Every religion is named after the name of its founder or culture and the nation in which it originated, except for Islam. Islam is special because its name is not associated with any individual or culture. The word “Islam” comes from the Arabic word meaning “submission” and from the religious point of view it refers to the obedience to the will of God, i.e. compliance with all his doctrines and precepts. In contrast, Christianity signifies a belief grounded in the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Definition of the Gods of Islam and Christianity as the first major difference

The identification of the God of any religion remains the most crucial aspect, as everything that follows is based on this, where the adherents of each religion are encouraged to pursue the direction that their God conducts them. Islam holds that there is one God (Allah) where they believe in the Oneness of Allah and that he is the originator of all existence such as the sun, earth, solar system, universes, etc. and that Allah is the Almighty and the Supreme. In Islam, Allah is the eternal and only God who is superior to all other creatures, so rejecting this faith implies that you are undertaking the most unforgivable act. Last but not least, Allah has no son, wife, race or body. Conversely, in the Christian tradition, the one God is present in three Persons and in one essence — the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit — and God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, because the Son, in whom creation was then conciliated to God, is a feature of the Father’s substance. The Father is God himself, and his Son is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, all three constitute one God, who can be three eternal distinct beings simultaneously without the dissimilarity disrupting the unity.

Differences between the Bible and the Quran

The second significant distinction is the Holy Books given to the messengers, which contain the teachings, laws and commandments of God, intended to lead believers to the truth. The Holy Book of Islam is known as the Quran. The essence of the Quran is associated with such profound Islamic ideas as the name of Allah and the resurrection on the Judgment Day. The Quran additionally includes narratives about previous prophets and their history with their nation, how their people perceived the message to believe in Allah alone. It equally describes factual happenings from the time of Prophet Muhammad with his companions, disbelievers and with God. Alternatively, Christians have a Holy Book named the Bible, which comprises the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Books differ in the guidelines and orders they contain. For instance, the Quran states that Jesus is a prophet whom God raised to the first heaven, and he will come back to Earth before the Day of Judgment to deliver justice. The Bible teaches that Jesus is the Son of God who was crucified.

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Places of worship as a crucial point of distinction

The third distinction between them is the place of worship where they engage in their prayers to their God. Muslims pray in a mosque, which ordinarily retains a circular rooftop that does not convey any images of animals or people, but is only adorned with sayings from the Quran. Muslims worship five times per day. This is a way of establishing and increasing the bond between Muslims and Allah. It is straightforward to notice how constant prayers fortify the foundations of your religion, readying people for a deeper comprehension and commitment to God, enhancing faith, which leads to courage, truthfulness, dedication, clarity of spirit, perfection of the soul, and spiritual growth. Christians pray in a church, which typically includes altarpieces, chancels, pulpits, fonts, and ornate windows. Prayer is the ascension of the earthly soul to heaven, the ascension of the purified spirit into the Holiest, the unfolding of the light curtain that covers the glory of God.

Judgment Day from the point of view of Islam and Christianity

One of the essential aspects of Islam is the Day of Judgment, which is associated with certain developments, teachings and narrations in the Quran. However, some people live absolutely neglecting and disregarding the instructions of Allah. Muslims expect that they will depart from this life and bring only their deeds with them, leaving money, vehicles, properties, valuables, etc. The Quran urges people to inevitably reflect doubly before doing something, because on the Day of Judgment they will be responsible for it. People will spend their lives striving to do only God-pleasing deeds in order to be blessed with Heaven, an eternal place of bliss. Christians consider the concept of Judgment Day like this: Since the first couple disobeyed God, mankind has squandered the chance of eternal life on Earth, which led to the fall and death of subsequent generations. Christians hope that this day will be the day when people will be capable to regain what our First Parents disregarded, and it will last for a thousand years. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ will be the judge, where the Bible states about Jesus: “Judge the living and the dead”. The living will be judged as they will survive the end of the world, but the precise time of Judgment Day is uncertain. Islam was initially preached by the prophet Mohammed and Christianity by Jesus Christ.


Consequently, this essay has explored several of the primary differences between Islam and Christianity, where both religions believe in their God and the Holy Book revealed to their Messenger. But are these the only key distinctions? Many details of each religion are still not debated, which results in a lot of disagreements between them, as this knowledge demands more studies and resources.

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