What does Black Lives Matter mean to you?

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A cause of inequality, discrimination, and corruption has influenced the death of so many innocent people. We should note that throughout American history, the subject of debate has been racism. Furthermore, various actions that tend to point out racial inequality within the American society might, in one way or the other, still be intact. Some of these inequalities are manifested through the extreme violence displayed by the police. Which has dramatically manifested in many media forums recently. This has triggered the creation of a controversial group known as “Black Lives Matter” BLM.

The question that has dominated many conversations and debates in America is, do all lives matter, or instead, do Black Lives Matter? The response to all lives matter was mainly created to criticize the efforts triggered by the movement of Black Lives Matter. This is primarily because the direction of all lives matter believes American society is past any post-racial. The thesis above reviews racial formation, race theories, and racism ideology in the United States during the pre-and post-Civil rights era. The organization of “black lives matter” is an international activist campaign and greatly disapproves of any forms of violence rendered upon the African-American community. Furthermore, the organization also fosters equality, especially among black individuals who are often viewed as outcasts within the mainstream media.

Why do Black Lives Matter?

It is certain that although all people are equal in writing, much-unspoken tension within the society still states the opposite. Furthermore, the issue has triggered much social stress within the United States. The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, African-American males, happened in the hands of cops who were white. This, therefore, ignited the Black Lives Matter movement. It is firmly believed that the Black Lives Matter movement should continue with its activist mission until they ascertain that all the social tension that is unspoken in society is resolved. As much as I strongly concur with the movement of Black Lives Matter on their worthy cause, which is working towards ensuring that they protect the rights of the African American community. They must ensure that they set forth an excellent example by discouraging any forms of violence or unethical protests that can trigger more havoc. This is mainly because the havoc tends to create a false image, primarily of the African-American community (Skrypchenko, 2020

Clearly, the creation of all lives matter has brought much tension within American society. We should note that the movement has been associated with riots that ultimately trigger acts of violence and vandalism. Dr. Martin Luther has fostered a constant reminder, especially during historical tragedies. He believes that people of color have continued to be fed up with social injustice and mistreatment in America. When we reference this with the movement of Civil Rights from 1950 to the 1960s. Many unjust actions led to riots; therefore, this called for no sitting for peace but instead taking actions into your hands. This, therefore, means that the movement of Black Lives Matter is a visual for the future of the blacks as it extensively works towards ensuring that black people are brought together. It is argued that once the blacks stand united, they will be able to support each other intensely, thus breaking away from any stereotypes (Schneider, 2020).

Criticism Against Black Lives Matter

Without a doubt, the movement of Black Lives Matter has been heavily criticized. Groups and even individuals in America mainly do this. The most excellent point of criticism is with regards to the slogan of the movement, its ideas, agenda, and even activities. This is mainly because they greatly emphasize the importance of a particular portion of the population while leaving others out. The critics and opponents of the movement also believe that the movements overlook the importance of other people, like the white police, as they are the main targets of the reproof of the movement. Furthermore, even the most prominent people within the African-American community, like Earl Ofari Hutchinson and Chip Murray, have openly made critical statements about the Black Lives Matter movement since they claim that it is divisive, aggressive, and even confrontational (Prager, 2017).

Another critical point of argument regarding criticism is that the movement is mainly in the position of being anti-police. This is mainly because, in 2014, two officers were assassinated in Brooklyn by the movement of blue lives matter. The messages from the latter’s anti-police moved to be overly critical of black lives matter. This is since the messages exaggerated the problem brought forth by police brutality in AClearly, ear that the movement strongly undermines the critical principle of a society which is the principle of security. This can, in the end, trigger fear due to unbalance presentations brought forth by media coverage of police violence. The black Lives Matter movement is therefore considered as slogans that are heavily causing the death of police officers, and thus it is considered a violent movement.


After critically reviewing the issues that have been helping shape the movement of Black Lives Matter, as well as their philosophies and criticism, we can conclude that the movement’s approach and tactics are justified. This mainly concerns the daunting oppression and discrimination in American society. Over the decades, the African-American community has been subjected to persecution and privation. In the end, the narrative of the movement is justified and highly opposes the “All Lives Matter” slogan since it fails to acknowledge the persecution and oppression of the blacks in the current United States.

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