Elon Musk Inspiration

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Finding someone who inspires you is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack in a world of approximately eight billion people. This struggle has been worse for me because I have had big dreams since I was young, and for a long time, I struggled to find someone who truly mirrored who I would want to be in the future. Not anymore. Elon Musk inspires me because he makes me feel like anything is possible if you put your heart and mind into it. He has gone against the grain and developed eco-friendly products using cutting-edge technology. He has treaded paths uncharted. Through his go-getter attitude, Elon Musk inspires me to believe in myself and push my imagination further.

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Elon Musk as a Visionary and Revolutionary Entrepreneur

Elon Musk inspires me because he is a true visionary. He disregards all social norms and standards other businesses, as Amazon and Meta established. He stands out from other businesspeople because he pursues his goals regardless of what others think (Saint-Martin, 2019). I am working on developing Elon Musk’s visionary attitude because it has helped him establish various businesses and solutions for consumers worldwide. He does inspire not only my future but also my studies. Like Elon Musk, I do not want to be discouraged by failure. I will probably fail many times, but I will not let my failures be my limitations. Even after failing several times, Elon Musk does not lose his vision but instead continues to find new ways of achieving it. He has consistently demonstrated his readiness to explore new ideas, even if it entails deviating from the path more frequently taken by others or from the one that everybody feels most comfortable with. This attitude has also encouraged me to think outside the box when generating solutions to daily problems.

Elon Musk also breaks boundaries through his eagerness to devote all of his work to achieve his life goals. He is not someone who will give up quickly; he is ambitious, daring, and a dreamer. Elon Musk has a broad perspective on how technology should be applied to benefit all humankind (and beyond). For instance, he launched businesses like SpaceX, whose objective is to make space travel accessible to everyone by developing reusable rockets that can safely return to earth after launch missions (Reddy, 2018). The reusable rockets help us to avoid throwing away expensive equipment by using them once. He also invented electric vehicles to reduce the pollution caused by diesel-powered vehicles. These innovations show that besides financial gains, Elon Musk is also keen on promoting environmental sustainability. This character feature motivates me to think beyond personal gain and consider how my actions will benefit society at large.

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Elon Musk as a Decisive Leader

Elon Musk is sharp-minded and action-oriented. As soon as he has an idea that he thinks is feasible, he immediately implements it. According to Elon, being action-oriented lets him simultaneously absorb and digest various information streams. This trait makes him a decisive leader and gives him and his businesses an edge over the competition. However, this does not mean that he makes blind decisions.

On the contrary, Elon is smart and applies rationality, science, and physics to develop workable insights into the strictly professional business environment. He does not tolerate arrogance, politics, or prejudice and is keen on the people he works with (Chorbadzhiyska & Mironova, 2021). He contends that overthinking creates a cloud of doubt, but fast thinking creates business momentum and prevents ambiguity.

Elon Musk makes decisions with a leaning towards action to avoid the age-old issue of analysis paralysis. He claims that his ability to break things down into their most basic truths and rationalize them from there is the foundation of his decision-making. Musk uses a three-step approach when making major decisions. Elon starts by outlining the issue and prevailing preconceptions surrounding it. He then deconstructs the issue into core facts. Lastly, he uses these essential principles to create a solution. Even Musk admits that this approach requires a lot of work, but when making crucial decisions, it can help cut through the noise and outline the stages that will help meet the overall objective (Annabel & Scrymgeour, 2019). I have often struggled with accommodating everyone and eventually missed out on opportunities because I did not want to disappoint anyone. But Elon has repeatedly shown me that it is crucial to differentiate between constructive and senseless noise. For example, Elon Musk had intended to buy Twitter, but he changed plans due to practical issues. As a result, even Twitter management sued him for breaching the contract. Despite this, he has refuted each charge, which shows that he hardly ever looks back after making a decision. From Elon’s approach, I have learned that deafness to unnecessary noise is important in every aspect of life.


Elon Musk inspires me for multiple reasons, but most importantly, his exemplary business acumen. I am also impressed by his revolutionary and innovative approach to businesses. He is not afraid to fail and takes each failure as a learning point for his next move. These are rare traits in many businesspeople. They also make Elon a good role model for the younger generation, whose imaginations have been limited by the standards set by society. When I look at Elon, I am convinced that the only limitation to achieving my dreams is myself because he has repeatedly proven that no human is limited.

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