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Institutional sexism can be referred to as the establishment of a set of rules, either explicitly evident or overtly concealed but implied on a particular gender of the society, most common victims are the feminine species. These rules unjustifiably discriminate against the highlighted group of persons. Many individuals have risen in support of feminism as a breakthrough to advocate equitable distribution of resources and opportunities across the divide; both men and women, but the voices of these folks are constantly subdued by the bulwark of the established societal set of laws which are parochial.

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Most recently in the United States of America, the debate of the healthcare bill has greatly illuminated on how institutional sexism is self-evident. With the Obamacare, passed under the reign of President Barrack Obama, the regulations were set in such a way that more women could enjoy the benefits of health insurance policies to cover maternal care as well as inexpensive access to contraceptive services, which earlier on had not been there. The Obamacare Act inclined to aid both single women and divorced women who were particularly discriminated since the married women were covered under their spouses insurance. However, the conservatives have continued to rival against this act unfavourably discriminating the women through their legislative actions for instance the reduction of clinics that help in abortions by widening hallways and augmenting the size of janitors.

Another form of gender discrimination arises in the hiring of employees. Jones and George (2003) in their study in Philadelphia found out that most men were called to job interviews unlike women although both their resumes if scrutinized cursory were found to be at par. There are more men entrusted to hold higher positions in companies, government institutions as well as the house of Congress.

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As a result of institutional sexism, economic effects are bound to emerge especially if women are the discriminated.  Since men are often paid higher as compared to their women counterparts having the same academic qualifications, they accrue millions of dollars than the latter. This is the reason why most women do not vie for political seats because it involves the pull of not only personal funds but also a strong fundraising; they are quite costly.  Predominantly, men get to have and spend lots of hours working part time jobs than women. Working several temporary jobs means more money; hence one can easily conclude that women are more likely to live in poverty than men. Furthermore, in the case that women are employed, they constantly face sexual harassments in their places of work enabling a negative working environment affecting the output of production.

In conclusion, although institutional sexism is still chiefly practised in the society, a lot is being put in place by activist of equality and equity. More young girls are now being absorbed into institutions of higher learning so as to be at the same pedestal as their brothers. Apart from academics they are also getting more involved in professional sports, subsequently they marry at a later stage in life and have few children. The women empowerment initiatives are also on the rise.

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