Global, societal and contemporary issues in the electrical engineering technologies

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Electronics/electrical engineering projects have adverse influences on people’s lives, which imply that they should help in solving societal and contemporary problems. For instance, technological advancements are significant aspects that help in the completion of engineering works. In this regard, the electrical engineering requires proper initiatives that will assist in the improvement of the global and societal economies. The latest innovations in the electrical field such as robotics, cell phones and electric vehicles are some of the changes encouraging developments. Although technology facilitates electrical engineering solutions, the global economy, societal impacts and contemporary elements are important in the entire projects.

Global Economy

The global economy entails how electrical engineering will influence the financial developments across the world. This implies that the electrical engineering innovations should help in increasing efficiency through affordable employment of technology (Pavlović 98). For example, the use of robotics will help in the improvement of security and health care services. The use of robotics has enhanced security through intelligence services and denotation of bombs. It has also helped in the health care department by facilitating operations in the theatres through the robo-surgery techniques (Pavlović 98). As a result, it is apparent that robots might replace human labor in most industrialized and service jobs. This will enhance economic development because of cost-effective and high quality services.

Societal Impact

The electrical engineering technology over the past couple of years has influenced societies and cultures across the country. The introductions of mobile phones and computers have facilitated communication and spread of idea between communities. Considering this, people can interact and obtain services without physical contact and this saves time (Ao and Len 32). The society has benefited from mobile phone and computer use because people do not depend on messengers. The spread of ideas has increased creativity and cultural acceptance in social forums and networks. For instance, people can receive news through their cell phones or computers by subscribing to the channels. As a result, electronic engineering has improved societal and cultural interactions between countries across the world (Ao and Len 35).

The innovation of electric vehicles is an emerging electronic technology that might have a broad impact in the future. This will facilitate speedy transportation of workers, raw materials or services to distant places without wasting time in traffic jams. Another important of electric vehicles is that it is cost effective since it uses electricity instead of fuels (Pavlović 98).

Contemporary Technical Issues

Computer/ internet security is one of the current electrical engineering technologies. The computer technology has enhanced security because of the surveillance items installed in homes or business situations. This aspect has helped in reducing criminal activities, thus, encouraging favorable working environments. Computers have also improved security because it is easy to track criminals through the electronic intelligence systems (Khosrow-Pour 349).


Electronic/electrical engineering technology has facilitated innovations that help in the society and global developments. For instance, the improvement in the global economy through the applications of robotics in the security services has helped across the world. Robotics is used in the intelligence services and detection of deadly weapons to ensure that countries do not engage in war or terrorism activities. In addition, introduction of cell phones and computers has affected societies and cultures because of the easy interaction. This implies that people can communicate without travelling to other areas and this has facilitated cultural appreciation. Computer/ security technology is a contemporary technical issue that has enhanced developments in electronics engineering.

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