Evaluating Political Terms over Time

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America and many parts of the world has experienced numerous changes in political terms and issues over time.  Some of the changes in political terms emanated from economic, social, cultural, religious, technological and gender issues that enhance Americans into thinking alike as they reflect on both their demographics and politics. Furthermore, the republicans and democrats behave like two distinct parties with regards to political ideas. The democrats which makes the majority of the American population is composed of non-whites, liberal, secular, immigrants and younger people (Wirt, 2017). On the other hand, the Republican Party presents the older, whites, more conservative and religious people struggling to hold the grip of America. Moreover, the US voting block depicts generational gap at the polls with the two major political parties ideologically polarized. Therefore, politics is evolutionary, meaning that today’s state of affairs can never be the template for the future.

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The libertarian quiz in “The World’s smallest quiz” appears biased and flawed regarding the way it frames the issues. Posting only ten questions that attempts to show what one’s political philosophy is based on limits people’s ideas since the less the prompts, the less likely the site can extrapolate any significant element from the choices and answers. The dimension of the quiz is also a hindrance since it only offers three types of answers that one can pick from regarding only economic and personal issues. Another biasness of the quiz is that it uses leading questions that ultimately puts people on a libertarianism score or centrists (Brandt, et al, 2014). Additionally, the quiz fails to portray a modest proposal for people to giver other forms of answers to the questions and in the process almost forcing people to fall into the category of libertarianism easily. Therefore, the quiz appears more of libertarian evangelism that advocates for self-governance by presenting ideologies that offer easy answers to complicated political concerns.

The libertarian questions do not seem fair by any means, especially due to the fact that their phrasing and choices given limits user’s opinions. The entire quiz seems like a big joke in tackling the real issues of politics and economy through the use of too much propaganda (Kluegel & Smith, 2017). Furthermore, the questions are unfair for giving extreme focus only at two bogus conceptions of “liberty.” Giving people false hope of liberty through the questions of the survey is unfair by itself since political matters are deep and require in-depth analysis and sometimes referendum to fully achieve the desired results.

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The quiz defined my opinion as a centrist with almost equal concerns in both personal and economic issues. According to the quiz, a centrist is a person with middle ground in both the aspects of the survey, concerning the government control of both personal behaviour and the economy. The opinion supports individual choices like the one regarding the state not interfering with consented sex among adults. Again, the opinion reflects the importance of government intervention in some matters such as retaining some barriers to free market and ensure security at the borders (Wirt, 2017). Therefore, a centrist and a libertarian opinion opposes political extreme issues rather than emphasizing practical solutions to political-related problems. The quiz is also accurate for presenting weighty issues in the political world and simplifying people’s opinions of either disagreeing or agreeing.

Biased language is often prevalent in political discussions and surveys like “the world’s smallest political quiz” and leads to the denial of democracy. For example, the issue of gender and underrepresentation of women in political debates and participation caused by biased language still ails America. Most political discussions delve in an unacceptable sexist vocabulary, tone and style that does not shape reality and promotes the status quo. Today, the word conservative refers to limited freedom for the citizens provided by the government while liberals believe that the state should promote equality in solving every citizen’s needs (Kluegel & Smith, 2017). The notions of the conservatives and the liberals do not match with the meaning of the founding fathers of America who kept their lives in line to achieve freedom for all with little government interference when it comes to matters of citizen’s security.

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