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Childhood obesity in the United Kingdom: causes, consequences, and prevention…

Pages: 6
Words: 1545
Rating: 4,9

Introduction Obesity is the main lifestyle disease affecting many people world – wide. According to the 2017 statistics, UK is among the nations with high…

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A pricing strategy for nutritional supplements

Pages: 2
Words: 649
Rating: 4,5
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Discuss what factors will impact your pricing strategy There are several factors that can impact or influence the pricing strategy chosen by producers and marketers…

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Climatic change in Australia and its effect

Pages: 1
Words: 296
Rating: 4,7

Australia like any other country in the world have been hit my noticeable climatic changes over the last few years. Climatic change is associated with…

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Psychological effects of caffeine

Pages: 4
Words: 1103
Rating: 4,9

Introduction Caffeine is one of the commonly accepted and used drugs, while it is not identified as a powerful stimulant to the central nervous system,…

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