How the Russia and Ukraine war affect the US

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A war between two countries significantly affects international relations and world affairs. Precisely, it triggers the unique ties between nations and matters that deal with international relations. The Russia and Ukraine war started in 2014 after Ukraine’s revolution (International Crisis Group, 2022). In 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, intending to demilitarize it, where Russia claimed to have the legitimacy of a nation-state (International Crisis Group, 2022). The war between Russia and Ukraine has affected the international relationship between the two nations where Russia is invading, and Ukraine is fighting back to resist the invasion. At the same time, since international relations are affected, other nations like the US engage in world affairs due to its diplomatic relationship with Ukraine, which was established in 1991 (U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, 2022). Therefore, for a practical understanding of how international wars trigger unique relations and matters involved in international relationships, this paper discusses how the Russia and Ukraine war affects the US and the general changes in international relations with Russia, Europe, the UK, and Belorussian.

Effect of the Russia and Ukraine War on the United States

The war has significantly impacted the US in aspects of sanctions, refugees, and military help. As mentioned earlier, the US entered an international relationship with Ukraine in 1991 (U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, 2022). The US has also been helpful to Ukraine by assisting her to develop its democracy and prosperity and secure its integration into the Euro-Atlantic community (U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, 2022). The US has been affected during the Russia and Ukraine war since it engaged in activities to support Ukraine. For example, in 2014, the US introduced sanctions on entities and persons considered strategic for the Russian economy (Guénette et al., 2022). In addition, the US introduced sanctions on persons undermining Ukraine’s democracy, security, or operating businesses in Crimea. The US has also introduced sanctions to limit Russia’s foreign exchange access to reduce Russia’s liquefication (Guénette et al., 2022). Another financial sanction involves the US banning new investments in Russia, affecting investments in the Russian energy sector (Guénette et al., 2022). Furthermore, the US has engaged in trade sanctions where it has banned exports and restricted imports from Russia (Guénette et al., 2022). For example, the US banned the imports of Russian fossil fuels (Guénette et al., 2022). Another sanction the US has engaged in is closing the airspace to Russian flights to reduce the air freight options for Russia (Guénette et al., 2022). These sanctions are directed to reduce Russia’s international threat by affecting its economy by blocking its financial institution and prohibiting new investments.

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Moreover, due to Russia and Ukraine wars, the US is affected by the issue of increased refugees from Ukraine. The Russia and Ukraine war has led to over 7 million people who have been displaced and 1.8 million people seeking refuge in the neighboring countries (Guénette et al., 2022). The US is engaging in activities of accommodating the refugees created by the Russia Invasion of Ukraine. For instance, Aljazeera (2022) showed that the US government is preparing to take up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. Hence, the US has to create more space for the refugees to accommodate Ukraine civilians to protect them from the Russian bombing and terror caused by the Russian invasion.

The US is also involved in offering military help to Ukraine. Since Russia launched its attack on Ukraine, the US has given military assistance of 7.3 billion to help Ukraine to defend itself (Blinken, 2022). In June 2022, US helped Ukraine with high mobility artillery rocket system and ammunition, laser-guided rocket systems, helicopters, armored Humvee vehicles, and 1,400+stinger anti-craft systems (Congressional Research Service, 2022). Thus, the US has engaged in activities to help Ukraine to respond to Russia.

General Changes in International relations

The Russia and Ukraine war has affected the international relations between the US with Russia, Belorussian, the UK, and Europe. The US has joined allies with the UK and Europe to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Guénette et al. (2022) showed that the US, European, and UK had closed their airspace to Russian flights to restrict Russian goods and services. In response, Russia has demanded payment for energy in Rubles and introduced export licensing restrictions within Eurasian Economic Union to secure domestic food supplies (Guénette et al., 2022). However, Russia is in a good alliance with Belorussian (Belarus), where President Putin has helped Belarus’s president in his authority, and now the president is returning the favor to Russia (Sullivan, 2022). As a result, the diplomatic relationship between US and Belarus is strained. Also, the US, European Union, and the UK announced sanctions that are severe as those for Russia against Belarus (Sullivan, 2022). Thus, the Russian and Ukraine war has caused significant changes in international relations between Russia, Belorussian, the UK, and Europe.


In conclusion, this paper has analyzed the Russia and Ukraine war and discussed its impact on the US and the general changes in international relations with Russia, Europe, the UK, and Belorussian. The US is affected by how it had to take measures like introducing sanctions, accommodating Ukraine’s refugees, and spending on giving Ukraine supplies for military support. In addition, the Russia and Ukraine war has also affected the US’s relationship with Europe and the UK, where the nations have joined allies to support Ukraine in this war. Lastly, US, European, and UK have imposed sanctions on Belorussian for supporting Russia in its invasion of Ukraine.

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