Human Ecology and its Impact on the Environment

Subject: ⚗️ Science
Type: Definition Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 379
Topics: Ecology, Environmental Issues, Health
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The purpose of this paper is to define what is meant by human ecology and explore ways in which human ecology has affected the environment.

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Human Ecology and its Impact on the Environment

Human ecology is a study of the relationship between people and their environment (Freedman, n.d.).  The purpose of studying ecology is to establish the reasons for this interaction as well as the effects this cooperation may have on the environment.  Over the years, the population has rapidly increased and is still increasing.  As population increases, more resources are required to cope with this growth.  The environment, therefore, suffers due to the exploitation of the scarce resources.

Human demographics, the study of the changes in the population in terms of size, distribution, and structure, is a key component in the study of human structure (Freedman, n.d.).  As a result of the advancement in technology and medicine, the mortality rate has decreased.  Awareness of healthy practices has helped reduce the spread of diseases.  Most illnesses have available cures, and epidemics are now rare and controllable.

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Human beings depend on the environment for energy, food, and raw materials (Freedman, n.d.).  Over the years, humans have come up with ways of exploiting fossil fuels and mining has been made easier with machines.  Resources such as forests, water, and clean air are some of the renewable resources, which are readily available to humans.  However, most of these resources are being over-exploited. Forests are being cut down to provide timber, water sources are being used to generate electricity, and air has been polluted due to the establishment of industries, which emit poisonous gases (Freedman, n.d.).  All these are causing environmental pollution.

The desire to make more money has led to the degradation of the environment. For the sake of short-term wealth and prestige, humans are causing long-term damage to the environment.  Resources are becoming fewer, animal species are becoming extinct as a result of deforestation, and land is being cleared due to urbanization (Freedman, n.d.).  The study of this relationship is therefore important in order to come up with ways of ensuring these resources will be there for a longer period because if overexploitation continues, these resources will no longer be available and the quality of life will be greatly compromised.

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Freedman, B. (n.d.). Human Ecology.

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