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Conflict Theory Essay

Pages: 3
Words: 951
Rating: 4,7

Conflict theory refers to a model that was introduced by Karl Marx. In this theory, Marx stated that the society would never be at peace…

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Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit

Pages: 10
Words: 3065
Rating: 4,8

Few literature materials in the history of philosophical thought are as challenging and yet as interesting as Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. Since its publication approximately…

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Are all Religions the Same? Position/Comparison Paper

Pages: 6
Words: 1679
Rating: 4,8

Introduction Religion elicits strong emotions whenever it comes up as a subject of discussion. Virtually every religious individual upholds the belief that theirs is the…

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Was E.P Thompson a Marxist?

Pages: 16
Words: 4038
Rating: 4,7

INTRODUCTION Edward Palmer Thompson, owing to his masterpiece, The Making of the English Working Class, is arguably one of the greatest Marxist historians of all…

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Comparison of the Theories of Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim 

Pages: 4
Words: 1199
Rating: 4,9

Introduction There have  been many theorists throughout history who presents several concepts for public consumption. Due to the existence of several theories which can be…

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Labor and freedom by Eugene V. Debs

Pages: 3
Words: 790
Rating: 4,6

The book History, Labor, and Freedom: Themes from Marx, is a collection of philosophical papers. It was compiled by the philosopher Gerald Cohen and was…

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The civil rights movement informative essay

Pages: 5
Words: 1357
Rating: 4,8

Weberian Theory of Social Stratification Max Weber is a German sociologist who is widely known for his immense efforts towards the development of the Weberian…

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