Impact of Same-Sex Marriage in the Society

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Same-sex is the act of marriage that occurs between two people of the same gender who are romantically, emotionally and sexually attracted to each other. They could be two men who are famously referred to as gay or two women commonly known as lesbians. The LGBTQ society has in the recent past spread across major parts of the world even though it is received differently, with some communities rejoicing over the same and some criticizing same-sex marriage.

LGBTQ is an acronym used to refer to the lesbians who are women that are attracted to other women, gay meaning, a man who is attracted to other men, bisexual which refers to people who are attracted to more than one gender, transgender referring to someone who identifies differently than how they were assigned at birth and queer which is a term that comprises lesbians, bisexual, gay and transgender. Same-sex marriage, like any other marriage, is perceived to have not only negative impacts but also positive impacts in the society both socially, politically, legally and economically in the society according to Eskridge, (1993).

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Pros of same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage is considered advantageous in various ways. The following are the legal pros of same-sex marriage.

Benefits from the government. The united stated government offers various benefits to married couples regardless of their gender, for instance, social security benefits, nursing home care, and health care benefits, just to mention a few. This decision was arrived upon by the Obergefell decision held in 2015 by the United States Supreme Court, which requires that all states recognize same-sex marriages and grant them just as they are granted in other states based on the findings of Murray, (2016).

Promoting the legalization of same-sex marriage has changed the perception of homosexuals from what was previously believed that same-sex marriage is a syndrome caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, this created stigmatization among the LGBTQ society. In the recent past, however, mass education was conducted to enlighten people about same-sex and how to embrace all members without segregation. This resulted to a significant positive change among homosexuals.

Creating awareness amongst people in the society has promoted innovation in how they think. This has been made possible by the development of the internet and social networks that has spread relevant information on western culture. Hence changing the view of same-sex marriage, its origin and its impacts in the community and how to incorporate them into the society without any form of discrimination. Hunt, (2012).


Legalizing same-sex marriage by the U.S. government paved the way for the legal acquisition of citizenship by virtue of marriage. This is due to the order laid out by the Defense of Marriage Act that equally protects same-sex and opposite-sex marriage. Moreover, this is an important step that was taken towards advancing equal rights for the sexual and gender minorities in the society, according to Eskridge, (1999). This has greatly reduced structural stigma, which means the norms and policies on the societal levels which have a negative impact on the well-being of a particular group.

Same-sex marriage positively impacts the health outcomes of the gender minority population. Improved self-health and reduction in psychological distress are the outstanding health benefits that come with the legalization of same-sex marriage according to the study conducted in the U.S. Nevertheless, it was reported from the findings of the research conducted in Australia that sexual minorities in places where same-sex was allowed experienced life satisfaction, mental health and better overall health.

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Cons of same-sex marriage

Despite having a positive impact on the society, same-sex marriage also has negative impacts on society in the following ways; children raised as a result of same-sex marriage are most likely to face gender and sexual disorders. Based on the nature and circumstances under which they are raised, sons raised by lesbians, for instance, are likely to be less masculine, whereas the daughters become more masculine.

According to Barker, (2012). Same-sex marriage undermines the norm of sexual fidelity within the marriage setup. The legalization of same-sex marriage by the government incorporated the need to support the marriage between two men or two women and undermine the opposite marriage. This is however against the religious belief as conveyed by the gospel.

In addition, same-sex marriage will only contribute to the isolation of marriage from its primary purpose, which is procreation. Essentially, procreation is one of the primary reasons couples go into marriage. However, biologically, couples of the same gender cannot procreate this, therefore, ruins the main mandate of marriage in case of same-sex marriage.

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Children raised by same-gender couples lack the care provided only by their biological parents. Homosexual couples, in the quest to offer parenting roles as part of their marital obligations, are forced to adopt children since they cannot have their offspring. This causes a permanent separation of the children from their biological parents. In the long run, they suffer as a result of the split.


Based on the above arguments, same-sex marriage has a tremendous positive impact on society. The United States and the world should put policies that recognize homosexuals as part of the society. On the other hand, children should be considered, and it would be essential to consider them when raising them with their biological parents.

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