Racial Profiling Expository Essay

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All citizens have equal rights of protection by the law as stated in the fourteenth amendment to the United States Constitution. A similar amendment is identified within different constitutions in the world mostly in countries impacted by racial profiling issue. This issue is one of the controversial ethical concern that has undermined the true exercise of justice in the history of America civil society. Customarily, racial profiling has been the true exercise of American law where other races are left to determine the correct civil actions to people from other minority races. The core roots of the racial profiling are from the earlier civil society and its extinction in the current society has remained a major challenge. At present, Racial Profiling is an ongoing issue which hampers civil rights, but others believe that it is necessary for police work.

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Police force performs a key agency role in the criminal justice system which has a significant impact on the administration of justice. They build the breach between the public and the judiciary by conveying the issues of law disorders to the courts and other judicial authorities to ensure order in the public. Mostly, they are assumed to be endowed with a responsibility of serving the interest of the public by maintaining order through law enforcement. Ideally, police agencies are responsible for ensuring exercisable measures are employed to prevent any issue that might disrupt the established social order by the law. As they discourage other informal community social groups due to fear of public safety, they are also responsible to view enumerating social formations based on racial identity.

Racial profiling is currently the most debated issues linked to result in different forms of conflicts in the American society. Its effects are felt throughout America and at every instance, police officers are blamed to instigate the problem. The stirred differences between different racial groups are identified to be cultivated by police agencies (Basu 12). The public has fought against the brutality of the police and equally accused the government of its ignorance in ensuring police officers perform their roles of enhancing order amongst American people irrespective of racial identity. Periodically, the police are identified to stir racial discriminations thus increasing the profundity of racial profiling. Their role of ensuring order by enforcing law consist a part of ensuring a society free from racial profiling concerns.

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Time after time, American citizens are asked to pull over on a traffic stop and show out their identification. If they are unable to identify themselves, they are questioned and not members of a given group, they end up being detained in different stations until they have cleared their identity. There are few police officers who will do the same act to their own people whom they share the same racial identity (Nadal et al. 812)  The majority is always observant of the racial group when questioning and detaining a person. All through America, such acts are observed and they have resulted to chaos as a result of intensifying the conflicts between different racial groups.

Nevertheless, there are other neglected concerns despite the police being the major targeted audience on the issues of racial profiling. For instance, when blaming the police, the community, social institutions, businesses and judicial system is neglected. All the reformist, mostly from the named minority races, always demonstrate for police reformation and they neglect their required responsibility in different social institutions. Such institutions are the influencers of the way of child rearing and they are the reason for the continued exercise of racial profiling even at the present. The community is now rooted in racial profiling (Kaenel 44). The forefathers had instigated this issues in their time which continuously adopted the culture systems.

Consequently, the community is identified with a major role that overrides the roles of the police agencies. The community is tasked to ensure an environment that promotes the roles of the police officers. Moreover, the community has the role of ensuring that the future society is free of racial profiling by ensuring better practices at the current time. The way of behavior and exercise of the police officers are influenced by the culture that is built by the entire American community. Even with the view of police playing a key role in promoting racial profiling, the community practices and teachings, promoted by different cultures, influences the conceptualization of all other races, including the police officers. The influence creates a permanent act on the way of behavior and exercise of individuals in promoting social justice and equality.

In addition, due to the influences, pre-perceptions are developed on a given race and as a result, individuals unconsciously behaves differently when making decisions based on the racial basis. Individuals have developed to emulate to what the society consist and as a result, racial profiling has adopted the culture system including the police. At some level, racial profiling is like a justifiable approach that is built from the communities of America. Thus, this influences should not only be blamed on the police but on the entire American community. Equally, police are justified to be dragged with such form of influences when exercising their respective roles in the community (Kaenel 45). They are not required to be given limits on their way of observation since they have emulated the practices of the community.

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However, the government has the major responsibility to undo community practices that undermine exercise of justice. This responsibility was stated in the fourth amendment to the United States Constitution. Equally, police being the true agents of enforcing the government law, they are identified with a higher responsibility of seeing beyond the immoral practices rooted in the community and build a judicial system that regards every individual equal before the law. Police agencies should not build on the realms of racial profiling but they should be true civil representatives who regard all people to be equal before the law. Moreover, racial discriminations are like any other illegal practices that might instigate the emergence of terrorists and civil conflicts within a nation (Nomani Hassan 15). Thus, racial profiling should be equally a critical role in the police force

Likewise, police major responsibility is to ensure that order is observed. They should not be partakers, like other Americans, in the field of racial profiling. As part of the government representatives, they are expected to serve all Americans without partiality based on racial lines. It is as a result of this that the community will always identify racial profiling with the police force. When the police engage in racial profiling, justice, and the entire civil society is undermined. The required trust, transparency, and harmony among American Citizens will be undermined. The community has an influence on the police but through effective exercise of individual responsibility, the police will be made to view the community differently and act as the agents of the community.

The issues of racial profiling is still an ongoing concern and the police have the responsibility of stopping racial profiling. Continued racial profiling implicates a future civil system grounded in racial profiling. Nevertheless, the community has also a responsibility to create a nation free from racism. It always demonstrates for police reformations neglecting its impacts on the police ways of behavior. Ultimately, the police are the best agents that will help mitigate the continued instances of racial profiling in the American Civil society. They should be trained to represent all citizens as demanded by the American constitution. With the current situation, the issues of racial profiling will always impact the order of the society and people will always believe it to be necessary for police work.

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