Joe Biden Immigration Politics

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Illegal immigrants need to be allowed entry into the US. Due to its strategy of encouraging immigration from all over the globe, the United States of America has become very diverse. Because of its enormous cultural variety, the United States of America is loved deeply and enduringly by many people. America has long been seen as a shelter for those looking for a fresh start. People risk everything to immigrate to the United States for a variety of reasons, including freedom, work opportunities, higher education, the assurance of fundamental rights, and the prospect of a better quality of life. Immigrants are still people even if they may not have been born in the same country as the rest of us. People often move to a new country with the idea of settling there permanently. “Illegal immigrants” are those who enter the United States or any other country without the required papers.

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The Current Intentions and Goals of Joe Biden

President Joe Biden, the current US president, has a fresh idea called the United States Citizenship Act of 2021. Biden’s strategy needs congressional approval in order to be successful. This act, according to Roy Maurer’s article, “would also try to reduce the backlog of employment-based visas, eliminate per-country visa caps for green cards, codify work authorization for spouses of H-1B visa holders, encourage ways to enhance the employment verification process, and encourage higher wages for H-1B workers (Wroe, 2022). This shows that Biden is developing a plan to reform illegal immigrants and set up a new policy. Under Biden’s plan, a large number of people who are currently residing in the country illegally could be eligible to petition for legal status. In accordance with Maurer’s article, illegal immigrants living in the United States as of January 1, 2021 would have a five-year path to permanent residence as long as they pass background checks, pay taxes, and meet other requirements. It will take those three years to finish the citizenship application procedure if they choose to do so later. People who were physically present for at least three years prior to removal may qualify for a waiver of the presence requirement from the Department of Homeland Security under the Trump administration (Wroe, 2022; Johnson, 2022). This indicates how much this policy may enhance the quality of life for undocumented immigrants.

Myths about Immigrants: Debunking

The majority of Americans have incorrect beliefs about immigration. The American Civil Liberties Union claims that the false belief that illegal immigrants are pouring over our borders in unprecedented numbers is a major contributor to the anti-immigrant sentiment in our country (Ries, 2020). Actually, the majority of foreigners who enter the country do so legally after fulfilling the strict standards of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This proclamation demonstrates that effective border control is maintained by the United States and that estimates of illegal immigration are exaggerated. It is a popular misperception that immigrants rob American citizens of their jobs. This is disputed by the American Civil Liberties Union (Biden Jr, 2020). People who have studied how immigration impacts the American economy have discovered that immigrants ultimately create more employment than they take. They do this through creating businesses, boosting the productivity of already-existing ones, making investments, and spending their money on goods and services Johnson, 2022). This illustrates that immigration has not negatively impacted native-born Americans’ access to employment opportunities.

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Concerning the Opposition

Contrary to common assumption, illegal immigration has shown to be advantageous for the American economy. The size of the American labour force helps the country economically. Illegal immigration boosts the US economy by increasing tax receipts, the number of employees prepared to accept lower pay, and the total flow of cash. These results show that illegal immigration benefits rather than harms the American economy. Illegal immigration could be advantageous. In addition to the value of the labour they provide for their employers, their total yearly expenditure on goods and services is close to $800 billion (Biden Jr, 2020). The illegal population may produce at substantially lower costs since they typically make around 20% less money than they might if they were authorized. This suggests that the great majority of unauthorized immigrants are investing their money back into the country, which contributes to the growth of a sizable client base.


Some native citizens and politicians seem to be acting unreasonably when there are now over 10 million immigrants residing in the United States. These non-Americans are filling the roles that Americans of native birth won’t take for a good cause. The root cause of the whole situation has been the racial discrimination issue. Racism in America does not specifically target undocumented immigrants. Many Americans, including the previous Trump administration, believe that illegal immigrants should be deported back to their home countries rather than being granted legal status. However, to help permanently end these divisive ideas, a permanent solution is required, such as the Biden bill. Despite the fact that not all illegal immigrants are beneficial to the nation or the economy, the Biden administration’s stance is commendable.

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