Spiritual Beliefs, Political Ideologies and Policy Process

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Spiritual beliefs are connected to supernatural, mystical and organized religion that includes search for transcendent and finally surrender, it also relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others, Koenig, 2012. Spiritual beliefs have had an impact on various political ideologies such as, liberalism, socialism among others. The beliefs have also played a major role on health policy reforms that involves decisions and actions aimed at achieving certain goals in the health system. This work seeks to show the impact of spiritual beliefs on political ideologies, policy making and health care policy reform process.

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Impact of Spiritual Beliefs on Political Ideologies and Policy Process

Spiritual beliefs play a major role in political ideologies worldwide. It impacts politics in complex ways. Spiritual beliefs have resulted in proper interpretation of public laws, influenced the behavior of political elites and development of government programs,(Wald & Kenneth, 2003).Spiritual beliefs do not advocate for some political issues such as sex, marriage (gay marriage), abortion among others which they believe is unhealthy and sinful, hence an influence on key issues in the politics, ( Zeeshan, 2013).

Spiritual beliefs have acted as road maps in policy processing that, they have had pressure on policy makers and influenced policy formation. Christian beliefs on giving taxes for instance have enhanced formulation of policies on taxation. The belief of love for one another has enhanced acts of political activism such as fighting for the poor. Liberation theology in the United States is a political movement that seeks to improve the conditions of the poor and this has been influenced by spiritual beliefs, (Nicholas D., 2013). They have influenced policy makers values and outlooks, thus affecting policy development. There are improved pre-existing social and political conflicts leading to improved development opportunities, Lynn 2009.

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Impact on Health Policy Reform Process

Spiritual beliefs hold too great an influence on heath policy reform process. It’s been a powerful factor in health reform in that, they have created compassionate care and changed the health care system from just emphasizing physical pain alone, ( Purchalski, C. M., 2014). It is clear that spiritual beliefs have important connections with health, they have aided in care because the beliefs are mostly individual.

In the United States, Freedom Federation has focused on healthcare and supports sanity for life and supports health care reform that lowers the cost, increases quality and expands choice at the greatest convenience. It also ensured that the health policy reform does not include government support for abortion related medical costs, (Anne F and Scott C, 2009).Some spiritual beliefs have however had a negative impact on the health care reform, they do not advocate for blood transfusion and other helpful health procedures which have intern have affected health policy reforms in ensuring improved health care.


Spiritual beliefs have had various impacts on political ideologies and health care policy reforms majority of which are positive. There is therefore need to increase its interests in all the areas to enhance development.

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