Why I should take honor class

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Over years ago, there have been series of arguments on whether honor classes are suitable for high school students. Some discussions have constantly described honor classes with negative attributes hence a slanderous perceptions about honor classes as programs with no academic achievements. However, Gilbert & Robert & Mike (12) confirm that the concept of honor classes on behavioral outcome in the life of a student is indeed far reaching hence cannot be underestimated. This paper therefore reveals why a student should take honor classes.

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Honor classes present a personalized education. Considering the smaller sizes of honor classes, instructors or facilitators always have enough time to attend to each and every student. This face to face interaction helps them to effectively handle any doubt that would exist in the students. Most importantly, students with special abilities tend to benefit most from honor classes. Barber and Linton (22) validate the idea by alluding that special students significantly improves their skill than from any other classes such as regular classes.

Honor class presents a significant improvement in the student’s grades. This is because of the better quality of instruction and education demonstrated in such classes. Thus, most students become motivated to even study much harder. It is due to the competitive environment maintained in honor classes that makes student push for their best (Barker and Bruce and Ivan, 38).

According to Program for Intellectually Gifted in Junior and Senior High Schools (23), honors classes make students get perk. A part from the eventual notation they receive on their transcripts, their active participation in field trips and social activities place them above the typical students. As a result, potential employers are always presented with individuals with special and outstanding abilities.

Honor class is a skill-based program. Characterized by both practical and social activities, this type of education is always tailored for discussions rather than lectures. From the interactive learning environment, students tend to gain relevant skills for the job market (Barber and Paul, 43).

Finally, honor classes prepare students for grad school. Values and experiences acquired in honor class equip students with what it takes to undertake any field of discipline during their college years. This is because the honor programs instill the right feeling to the students that they are actually capable of everything if not anything in life.

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