Employee Training and Development Program

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Training and development program covers various kind of employee learning.  Training enables the employees to gain knowledge and skills that improve their performance in their roles. Development, on the other hand, upholds employee growth and performance in future, but not much concerned with the immediate roles at work. Training and development program (TDP) is a perfect pack with numerous benefits for the employees and the organization at large.

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First, TDP will enable the organization to possess the right people. Top talented employees have been the focus of most employers hence the competition is high, with the high cost of maintaining their services. Therefore, the program gives an opportunity for the low talented employees to attain the level of the top talented ones. If conducted regularly, the talents required generate, and their application is for the benefit of the company (Allencomm, 2015).

Secondly, the program also contributes greatly to the profit growth. If the employees are kept current and skilled, they will deliver higher quality and quantity, in comparison to the deliveries before the program. The skills and knowledge gained to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness which, in the long run, saves on the company’s operation costs.

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The program also contributes greatly to the employees’ motivation. The skills and knowledge gained from the training are inseparable from the employees. They can apply them in various situations of life besides workplace. They, therefore, feel valued and cared for. It then encourages them to perform well and love the job. A motivated employee delivers quality services and operates even without supervision.

TDP enhances risk management in the organization as some of the elements of the program elaborate on relevant risk matters. For instance, a topic on risk management deals with subtopics such as diversity training, sexual harassment and fire control among others. These are issues that cut across most organizations, and necessary skills are beneficial, to guide on how to handle the relevant cases which generate during operations in the company. Failure to handle them contributes to stagnation or even failure in the company’s progress.

The program enhances increased innovation in strategies and products (McNamara, 2016). The urge of application of gained skills and knowledge from TDP, enable some employees to innovate better strategy in various operations within the company. This puts the company above the competitors, as such innovations are always more attractive to consumers than the latter.

Lastly, provision of the program leads to reduced employee turnover (Mayhew, 2017). Rational employees will never leave the company that invests in them. Instead, it will attract highly qualified employees, giving the company an opportunity to have the best professionals in the right number throughout the year.

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Training and Development Program seems to have a high cost in the short run; however, the benefits (of which a few are discussed above) it provides, in the long run, reveals its favorable cost. The company should not hesitate to implement the program, for its gain are outstanding and will raise it up higher above the competitors.

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