Po (“Kungfu Panda”) as a myth of kleos (fame/glory)

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Po, of the Kungfu Panda movie, is a unique character with a well-defined leading role in the movie. Po was raised in a humble village but was later on separated from his parents due to a mass execution, which left him homeless. Po finally landed in the arms of Mr. Ping who adopted him. Mr. Ping anticipated that Po would one day take up his business at the noodle shop. However, with time, Po continued showing increasing interest in Kung Fu, a special type of martial arts. He pushed his desire and dream until he became a dragon warrior. At this point, Po took up training with Master Shifu. At the start, Po was awkward and gawky, and he could not qualify. He endured the training and achieved the main goal of becoming a Dragon Warrior, which entailed outshining Tai Lung and affirming that he was the less expected hero.


Po’s story is classical and has been instrumental in many cultures for a long time. Po’s life experience is a symbolic kleos, which is a story of fame and glory. It is difficult to determine the future of Po when he was born. Bearing in mind that he was brought up in a humble setting, it is possible to point out that he will end up miserably. The story of Po is similar to that of Odysseus when Zeus raised strong winds against the poor men. Even with the extreme situations that the men were exposed to, they fought hard to survive and regain their glory. Po is seen beating all odds to learn Kung Fun even when his friends write him off. He pushes harder and only depends on meager support from his father and Master Oogway, who had some trust in him.

Po’s story in the movie Kung Fu reveals a cultural truth of the burning desire to achieve one’s goals regardless of all odds. Po had all intentions and objectives to become the Dragon Warrior even though everything seems to be affecting him negatively. His father Mr. Ping was eager to motivate him towards his success, and Master Shifu was somehow adamant with his performance, but still, accepts to train Po special Kung Fu skills. Such support is illustrated in the Odyssey. “‘Then,’ said they, ‘if no man is attacking you, you must be ill; when Zeus makes people ill, there is no help for it, and you had better pray to your father, Poseidon.’ It is clear that in extreme circumstances one can pray for hope or support from other people, such as the father as Po relied on his father in times of despondency.

Po aims at working hard to achieve his main goal even when all odds are against him. In particular, Po lost his parents from the massacre, which left him as an orphan. Someone like Po, in ordinary circumstances, is expected to lose hope all at once. He is adopted by Mr. Ping, who brings him close to kleos by supporting his dream. Po is worthless in the face of his peers, especially when he was starting to train with Mr. Shifu. No one believes that he can become the Dragon Warrior, a position that was reserved for other privileged people. Po also does not believe that he can outdo Tai Lung but begins to trust his abilities later.

Po, in the Kung Fu movie, redefines the idea of self-worth and believing in oneself. Po comes out as a hero even in the middle of unfortunate circumstances. It was clear that Po was a “nobody” at the start and could hardly become a warrior, let alone understand Kung Fu. Everyone around him had lost hope in his dire struggle to learn Kung Fu, Including his Master Shifu. In real life, people tend to look down upon others, and this can easily lower ones moral and confidence. However, trusting one’s feelings and working hard helps one emerge victorious and even glorious. Po’s father was also instrumental in inspiring and enlightening him, which reveals some of the roles of a father. Po learned to listen to his father, who proved to him that there is no secret to success but believing in oneself. Through believing in himself, Po manages to defeat Tai Lung to become the Dragon Warrior. His rise to fame comes as a surprise to everyone, and he is celebrated as a true kleos.

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  1. Classical Mythology
  2. Kung Fu Panda (The Movie)
  3. The Odyssey: Odysseus and the Trojan Horse, Calypso in regards to demands to let Odysseus go, the stringing of the bow of Odysseus
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