Overpopulation Informative Essay

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Overpopulation stands out as a concern that is currently receiving significant attention from different stakeholders that closely relate with it. The concern affects the world at large; hence, sufficient measures need to be undertaken with the view of dealing with the arising complication. Different stakeholders have designed measures that are needed to effectively explain and handle the case; a situation that has also seen to it that writers in the science and fiction sect devise ways of looking at the issue. Through the analysis of these writers, explanation of the issue has been successful, where these writers relate overpopulation to personal isolation as well as a disconnection from the world. Kurt Vonnegut and Brian Aldiss in the fictional stories “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” and “Supertoys Last All Summer Long” respectively, unveil the correlation, thus triggering an understanding of overpopulation through their analysis. Through the fictional outlook, the different literary techniques and devices stand out as measures enough to analyze and further help in the understanding of the whole course of overpopulation.

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Kurt Vonnegut clear brings up the entire issue of overpopulation in a way that reflects isolation and separation of humanity from world. In Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, the writer brings out the whole scene to a stand when there breaks a fight at the Gramps’ residence following his note to leave to and die. The struggle and fight over inheritance gets the entire family fetched and locked up in jail, where there appears to be more freedom and space. Lou and Em discuss their hopes of staying there for at least a year due to the freedom therein. The humorous way in which this situation is brought about entirely reflects that people are confined by their imaginations. The Gramps’ overcrowded residence seems to be the entire world for the people herein, whereas there is quite a lot of space available outside. Through humor, Vonnegut, thus, elaborates the whole case and brings an understanding of overpopulation clearly and elaborate enough.

On the other hand, the fictional story “Supertoys Last All Summer Long” provokes an imaginative look into the entire subject of overpopulation. As for Brian Aldiss, it stands out clearly that loneliness and isolation are explanations enough that trigger the concept of overpopulation. In the story, this is clearly brought up through the character analysis of David and Monica, as well as through the general social setting of the story. In this case, the setting society is of wealthy people isolated from the starving majority of the population. The individuals in this case do not even want to live in windowed apartments since they do not want to recognize the evident overpopulated world around them. Further, with the use of artificial intelligence, through personalization and representative figures, Brian draws up the whole case of overpopulation hence evident presence overpopulation.

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Both Aldiss and Vonnegut exploit science and fiction to explain the course overpopulation. With Vonnegut, the use of an anti-aging drug is seen to extensively be the cause of increased humanity. The Gramps’ family relies intensely on anti-gerasone to stop their aging process, a situation that escalates overpopulation. At the conclusion of the book, there is also a discovery of a newer anti-aging drug, super anti-gerasone, which Gramps takes and instantly feels young. On the other hand, Aldiss brings on board artificial intelligence, a synthetic mechanism that serves as a solution to obesity. The fictional basis of these stories, as a literary technique hence serves as explanation grounds for the case of overpopulation. Both writers intertwine science and fiction to explain and open up the world to an understanding of the evident overpopulation problem across the world.

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