An Interview Report

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I interviewed a Nursing Administrator (NA) in a Healthcare organization in Santa Clara, California, USA. The main aim of the interview was to compare the roles and responsibilities of a CEO to that of the NA. The CEO was not interviewed because his duties were captured in the Standards of Professional Performance and Practice.

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This interview report will focus on the duties of the NA regarding Standard Practices, Standards of Professional Performance, and the Healthcare Level as regulated by the American Nurses Association (ANA). Moreover, the report will compare the duties of the CEO and the NA at the HC level as well as the powers that the two administrators use in discharging their mandates.


Meeral Healthcare is located in the town of Santa Clara, California. The organization has been operational for approximately seven years with an estimated revenue of $137, 214 per year. It has thirty employees and a bed capacity of about 100 patients. The agency is licensed by the Medicare Certification; No. 052751, and the State of California; No. 1588635460.

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Lindsay is the Nursing Administrator in this medical organization. The 52-year old, Lindsay is a holder of Master of Science in Nursing program as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Management. She also has a Diploma in Health Planning as well as licensed by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC). Lindsay has over 25 years in the medical field with ten years as childhood specialist at Satellite Healthcare Gilroy and another 12 years as a theatre attendant in Meeral Healthcare. Lindsay had been the NA in this medical organization for the last three years.

Lindsay Roles and Responsibilities About Standards of Practice

From the interview, I observed that Lindsay supports nursing operations and practices in various patient units. The NA works in collaboration with the staff and the patients to ensure that there is a high level of performances at Meeral Healthcare. As the leader of the nursing staff, Lindsay facilitates a continued care to the patients 24/7 through the guidance and mentoring the unit nurses. Despite being an administrative post, Lindsay is expected to allocate resources for different sections by drawing a budget, which is approved by the CEO. Moreover, she is charged with the responsibility of initiating performance improvement programs such as customer care, performance contracting, and mentorship initiatives.

From the interview, I also learned that the NA must work in liaison with the CEO on matters regarding the management of staff: recruitment, disciplining nurses, and promotion. Moreover, Lindsay acts as a health coordinator in the health firm for nursing mothers and mothers-to-be by organizing services such as immunizations, prenatal and postnatal care, as well as family planning programs. Overall, my interaction with Lindsay confirmed that nursing administrators’ role is more complicated as it goes beyond what is spelled in the ANA Standards of Practices.

American Nurses Association (ANA) is an agent that ensures that standards in medical practices are achieved. The body is charged with assessment of the nurses and NA activities through collecting data about the ongoing medical practices (American Nurses Association, 2016). The organization also obtains information from the patients, family members, and the society to develop a holistic view of the needs of the sufferers.

ANA is also tasked with preparing and formulating policies that govern the activities healthcare in America. Such strategies include formulating the code of ethics for nurses and deregistration of nurses. Planning involves coming up with courses and educational programs for student nurses (American Nurses Association, 2016). The above roles have a direct impact on the duties of Lindsay as well as those of the CEO because the two are implementers of the ANA resolutions.

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The Role of Lindsay Based on the Standards of Professional Performance

The Roles and Responsibilities of NA as governed by the Standards of Professional Performance may intertwine the duties as guided by the Standards of Practice. However, from the interview, it was evident that the healthcare providers must follow ANA standards irrespective of the rules adopted. Overall, the following are some of the nursing home administrator’s responsibilities.

  • Direct in recruitment and training of recruits
  • Supervise activities in the healthcare, such as clerical, laundry, volunteer staff, housekeeping, technical, social work, and budgeting.
  • Maintaining and developing standards, programs, procedures, and policies in adherence to the federal and state regulations
  • Preparing of official reports to be used by the firm’s board of management, national, and state agencies
  • Attend meeting with the patients’ families, staff, management committee, insurance, and Medicare administrators to chart a way forward on improving services offered to the clients
  • Interviewing the relatives of the family members seeking assistance in the healthcare
  • Supervision of operations with strict adherence to the policies established by the owner and federal regulations
  • Ensure that the health care provides 24/7 services to the patients in a friendly manner

The Roles and Responsibilities of Lindsay Based on the HC Organization

Those of other standards body embody the duties of NA at the healthcare level (Masters, 2015). However, from the conducted interview, the specific responsibilities for Lindsay at the unit level can be summarized as below.

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  • Supervise the activities that take place at Meeral, which include budgeting, medical, laundry, general cleaning, volunteer work, and social services.
  • NA also chairs meetings with the Registered Nurses (RN) on ways to improve service delivery, budgetary allocations, risk management, and setting up of performance target.
  • Supervise the staff at Meeral Healthcare and report their conduct to the HR and CEO.
  • NA should also ensure that patients are provided with high-quality services in the healthcare through monitoring the assigned duties of various personnel.
  • NA is even mandated with the responsibility of recruiting, training, and deployment of new staff. Besides, nurse administrator proposes the team to be promoted to the HR and the CEO.
  • NA is responsible for the smooth running of the medical firm.

Overall, various issues influence the role of NA in Meeral Healthcare. Adoption of new technologies is one of the problems that impact functions because one must supervise the implementation of the program (Béland, Rocco, & Waddan, 2016). Politics is another factor that will affect the discharge of duties by Lindsay following the need to replace the Obamacare with the Universal Medicare. Lastly, staff turnover is a significant challenge for Lindsay as she discharges her duties as the experienced nurses resign in search of better working conditions.

Comparison of the Roles and Responsibilities of the NA With That of a CEO

  • The NA is mandated with drafting the budget of the firm while the CEO and the board of management approve the budget.
  • Both the NA and the CEO are administrators at their level. The NA is in charge of RAs, while the CEO supervises all the team leaders (Marquis & Huston, 2015).
  • The NA reports to the CEO, while the latter advises the board of management or proprietors as well as the federal and state regulators.
  • The CEO mainly deals with the administrative role, while the NA deals with the technical aspects (medical) and executive duties.
  • The CEO is a member of the senior management involved in major decision-making, unlike the NA who is a team leader.
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Type of Power and Influence Utilized by the NA and CEO of the HC Organization

In discharging their duties at the HC level, both the NA and CEO will use their powers to influence the following aspects of decision-making.

  1. Negotiation – Negotiations at the HC may involve salary issues, insurance contracts, and suppliers. To make sure that such discussions are fruitful, there is the need to use expert power where skills and expertise are applied to convince the parties.
  2. Collaboration – Healthcare institutions may collaborate with other agencies, such as the community, sponsors, NGOs and the Government. Again, the CEO and NA may use expert power for such collaborations to succeed.
  3. Consultations – the CEO needs to consult with the board of management, regulators, and suppliers. He will need to use expert power to convince the parties in adopting his ideas. NA confers with the employees in matters relating high-performance at the firm (Marquis & Huston, 2015). She will use reward power to motivate her staff members and coercive powers when the team fails to agree on an issue.
  4. Compromise – Sometimes, the management and the CEO may need to use referent powers on the employees who value them as role models. As noted, the CEO, unlike NA, is a leader, thus may derive massive liking by the masses. By evoking referent powers, the CEO may compromise the society and the suppliers into owning his HC organization.
  5. Empowerment – Motivation of the direct and indirect customers in business is significant. This motive leads to the empowerment of the staff, clients, and the suppliers (Marquis & Huston, 2015). By applying the reward power, the CEO and the NA will succeed in motivating their customers, hence empowering them.


This interview report focused on the roles and responsibilities of Nursing Administrator based on the interaction with Lindsay on Meeral Healthcare, Santa Clara, California. From the three categories, it was evident that NA is mandated with ensuring that patients receive high-performance services all the time. Moreover, the report has differentiated the responsibilities of the CEOs and the Nursing Coordinators (Administrators) in the US medical sector. Finally, the interviewer has identified referent, reward, coercive, and expert powers as appropriate for the two administrators in discharging their mandate.

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