Skills and its effect on project managers

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In every organization employees work together for achieving the vision and mission of the company. The employees work efficiently in order to be the valuable assets of the company. These employees are selected based on their skills and how they can be utilized for the development of the company. In order to maintain the flow of effective communication, these employees work under different departments based on their specialization. In each of these departments, several employees are controlled and monitored by a single person i.e. the project manager. He or she is responsible for monitoring the overall performance of the employees. Project managers also act as an intermediate between the employees and the top management of the organization, so that a proper flow of communication can be maintained (Harvard Business Review, 2016).A good project manager is recognized by his or her guidance to the subordinates, making them more efficient and productive in their work. The objective of this paper is to determine the influence of administrative, leadership and organization skills on the success of a project manager. 

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Administrative Skills 


Administrative skills can be described as the type of skill, which is required in order to run a business or manage the employees present in an office. The employees present in every company need to have knowledge about the administrative skills. An employee having a good communication skill as well as technology and problem solving skills, will possess good administrative skills (Doyle, 2017a). A person with good administrative is necessary during project management. A proper skillset consists of staffing, planning, computer software skills, scheduling and organizing.  A person having good administrative skill will have the ability to organize and plan several stages, which are required for the development of the organization (Doyle, 2017a). With the help of all these efficient employees especially those who possess the administrative skills, a company is able to grow at a faster rate in a short period.

Effect of the Skill on the Success of a Project Manager 

The project managers generally are the leaders of a selective number of employees present in a department of the organization. They help the subordinates by providing guidance to them in order to utilize their skills and work in an effective way. If an efficient project manager have proper administrative skills, then he or she will be able to manage all the subordinates in an effective way. Good administration will improve the quality of work in  shorter time (Bianca, 2017). This helps the higher authorities of the company realize that the project manager is handling the employees in such a way, which is leading to a faster growth of the organization. This benefits the project managers in order to achieve their success and hold a good image in front of the top management of the organization. 

Leadership Skills


Many people in an organization can be a good employee and are able to perform effectively but that does not mean that all these employees can be good leaders. It may happen that the employees are very much creative and they can even complete big projects in a short period but that person may not have the capability of communicating all the employees and collecting all the projects of each individual (Doyle, 2017b). Leadership skills can be defined as an essential component that is needed by a person in order to manage many employees and make them work more effectively by motivating them (McLaughlin, 2017). A project manager with high level of patience will be able to become a good leader and perform effective communication with the employees, manage and guide them, so that they can show their skills and work together. Effective communication and guidance helps the employees to create a good quality product in less time. 

Effect of the Skill on the Success of the Project Manager

Being a leader is one of the toughest job roles while working in a company. Having the ability to become a good leader helps the other team members to nurture their skills properly and work efficiently. A project manager must have the right set of leadership skills as he or she will have the capability to understand the strength and weakness of different members present in the group (Awan, Ahmed & Zulqarnain, 2015). Skills of an efficient leader help the project managers to gain success. This is because project managers with proper leadership skills helps in nurturing the strength and skills of the employees. They even motivate the subordinates, so that they can perform even better. If the project managers are able to manage and organize the employees properly, then quality of the product will improve, as the workers will be able to utilize their skills effectively. 

Organization Skills


Along with administrative and leadership skills, a person must possess a good knowledge of organizational skills. Organization skills help the employees to do their work effectively in a proper manner, which will maintain the flow of work. This will help in completing the project in a proper way and there will be fewer chances of any mistakes. A project manager who is having a proper set of organizational skill will be able to organize the procedures, which are required to manage the employees while completing the project. Proper organizational skilled project managers also schedule the steps properly and coordinate with the available resources effectively. An organized project manager never misses a deadline and are very good at time management. They always keep in mind that the project must be delivered within the allotted time and the quality of the output must not be disturbed (Suttle, 2017). If this type of skills are present in the project managers of an organization, then proper development of the company can be seen in a shorttime. 

Effect of the Skill on the Success of the Project Manager 

For the project managers, managing the employees present in his department is one of the crucial roles. Employees are given work based on their work experience, capabilities and post holdings. The project managers keeps a track of the action of the employees and organize them properly. A project manager who has proper set of organization skills tries to motivate their employees so that they can complete their project on time and do not delay the submission. This helps the employees to be more punctual about work and complete it in the specified time. An organized project manager is able to manage the employees for completing the project in less amount of time. An organized project manager has the ability to provide assistance in the development process of the company by reducing the time limits required by the employees during the completion of the project. Thus, a project manager with good organization skill is able to gain success in a shorter period. 


A project manager with good administrative, leadership and organization skill is demanded by organizations, as they have the capability to manage the employees that will be working under him or her. These project managers make sure that the employees work efficiently and provide the best possible output with no delay in time. A good project manager is able to handle the employees and make them as the useful and productive assets of the company. Good project managers with efficient skills fastens the development process of the company. Thus, it can be concluded that the organization, administrative and leadership skills are required within the project managers, so that they can gain success.

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