Personality of a hero

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A hero is someone who displays courage, self-sacrifice or bravery even In the face of danger or weak situations. A hero can also be defined as a person of great courage and ability which makes him or her to be admired for his or her bravery works (Anonymous).Heroes are people who have a positive impact to individuals or a society.Ordinarily,when there is no positive impartation then, the person is not a hero. They contribute to the wellness of the society and the individuals. For example a mother can be a hero a father can be a hero to his child because of the numerous provisions that he gives unto the child.

In the modern world, heroism is becoming rampant and many people are defining it in their own understanding. Some claim that a hero is a person who is energetic and muscular while others claim that it is a person who should have a lot of wisdom and understanding. All in all various scholars have defined it in different ways. According to Debra Smith, a hero is someone who tries to do what is right in unfriendly circumstances or situations. For example, she says that,” a woman who is able to provide all the basic needs for her children is in famine conditions is indeed a hero”. In addition, she claims that they have moral integrity in their position and they endanger their own lives to ensure that their people and the whole society are safe (Smith).In this case, a hero should have courage and the ability to provide. It might be food, security or leadership.Therfore, a person who cannot stand to defend his people and ensure that they are well cannot be a hero.

On the other hand, Kent Spencer describes a hero as a person is wise and educates others on important issues of life. He further explains that the person should be ready and willing to put away his or her desires to serve the masses of people in an extremely greater way (Spencer, 2013).Spencer claims that a hero should be wise so as to be strategic in his or her leadership. It is essential that a hero shows no partiality and favourism in his judgement.This is often done by putting his/her interest away and consider the interest of the people that he or she is leading. When a hero leads, he shows no favourism and this helps in the wellness of human beings because they will feel appreciated.

Moreover, Thomas Jones adds that a hero will contributes positively in other people’s lives through his or her good leadership skills without contradicting or compromising the societal values. He further explains that the act of sacrifice is often mandatory among the many components of heroism (Jones).The hero will always observe  law and order and will be careful not to break the rule. For example, the Biblical Mosses is considered a hero to some individuals because he followed and assisted others to follow the Mosaic laws. He did not contradict the laws and that he ensured that all people follow the rules for the sake of peace and harmony. This contributed to the general wellness of the individuals.

In my personal understanding, a hero is a person who displays great courage. He will always remain firm in what he or she says and does. The heroes should display the courage in leadership. This can be displayed in some leaders such as Heille Sellasie of Ethiopia. Despite the resistance of the people the leaders pressed on with his democratic movement and the need of worship.

There are various historic heroes that have been seen in the world over the decades. These include Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States of America. During the reign, he managed to lead the citizens through a great constitutional, military, and moral crisis. In addition, he was able to strengthen the national government through this great leadership qualities. He was able to perform these heroic deeds despite of being reared in a poor family and political instability. Lincoln was a great hero because he was able to bring impact to the society. He ensured that there is harmony and sound democracy and this contributed soundly to the wellness of the community. On the other hand, Nelson Mandela is greatly remembered as the president of South Africa. As a leader, he greatly worked towards dismantling the apartheid regime and was also very instrumental in tackling poverty, gender inequality, racism and others. He was a hero because he stood firm to fight for his people at the extend of being jailed for the sake of freedom.Ordinarily, heroism needs sacrifice and this has been shown by Mandela and therefore he is a hero.

According to “The Train from Hate”, a hero is defined to a person who is able to take care of his family from danger.Normally,the hero is tasked with power to protect his or her loved ones from any harm either physically or emotionally. The family in this context does not really mean people who are related but a collection of individuals with a common agenda. In the story “The Train from Hate”, Franklin shows this aspects of heroism, he is able to stop the train and alight the train with his children because they were being discriminated even in the train in terms of seating arrangements (Toni).

According to the poem “Hard Rock Returns to prison from hospital for the criminal insane’’ by Etheridge Knight, the doctors who have been used as characters display a heroic nature by being able to “bore a hole into the head of a person who was mentally challenged”.Ordinarily,saving people’s lives is an aspect of heroism. This brings wellness and harmony towards members. Doctors are considered as heroes as they are able to bring life back when a person is at the verge of death and this is a great impartation to the society

In concusion, it is evidenced that heroes will always have impartation towards people or the society. They often impart in a positive way with the aim of helping people to live in harmony and wellness. They are courageous, wise, and skillful and they observe the laws of the society.

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