Interview Simulation Review

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Review of Joe Johnson’s resume

Joe attended training at the Community and Valley College where he went through Welding and Machining classes. However, grade or points achieved are not mentioned in the resume. Besides he has a work experience of over 30 years, having worked in different companies in different positions. On the part of key responsibilities, Joe has worked as a maintenance foreman at Aluminum Foundry California where he did maintenance of various machines and components. As a result, he ordered for the replacements of the machines and their parts. In the same field, Joe is currently working as the head of maintenance and has been assigned several duties such as operating building sound system, orders for cleaning and building supplies. Lastly, as the head of maintenance, he executes some orders and is answerable to the executive director, whereby he has to be readily available.

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Review of Rose’s resume

Roe E. Smith graduated in 2002 with high school Diploma. She has a work experience of 11 years and has worked in different positions. Indeed, she worked as a laborer and dishwasher or janitor in the same company.  On the part of responsibilities, she has an experience in the cleaning of common areas, part of her duties when she was working as a laborer and a janitor. Moreover, she has not shown her experience on the overseeing of preventative maintenance of building systems and approving budgets, execution of work orders and purchases and inventory control.

Review of Jan I. Tor’s resume

Jan attained High School Diploma and participated in much advanced training such as Smith Safe driving program and certified forklift operator, electrical troubleshooting technician, and residential heating technician. Subsequently, he has an estimated six years work experience gained from different companies. He has worked as Dispatcher/Third Shift Grocery Manager, route sales representative, freight dockworker, HVAC student technician, and service technician. On the part of key responsibilities, he possesses experience on overseeing of preventative maintenance of building systems, inventory control, and executing orders;; while working as the Dispatcher/Third Shift Grocery Manager.

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The Selection Technique

The selection technique to be used will be based on the key responsibilities and requirements. Each of the candidates will be ranked according to the points scored that are going to depend on the number of key responsibilities and requirements that the candidate can attain (Macan, 2009). Each key responsibility will have a point ranging from 1 to 3, where 1 will be for those who do not meet the target while 3 for the ones who will perfectly meet the target. On the part of the requirements, it will be 0 or 1; where 0 will be for the ones who do not meet the requirement while 1 for ones who meet the requirement. Moreover, the score for each candidate per each key responsibility will be determined, and points tallied to find the total points scored.

Afterwards, the scores will be represented on a graph to show the candidate with the highest point. Intrinsically, this type of selection technique for hiring is based on the merit such that the candidate with the highest score automatically becomes the best choice (Nguyen, Reiter, & Rigo, 2014). From the graph, the candidate with the highest bar becomes the preferred candidate. Furthermore choosing the best candidate will be done considering that all the responsibilities and requirements are treated equally, and no one will be treated superior to the other. The key responsibilities will be found by looking at the experience displayed by the candidates, and the breakdown is as shown in table 1 below:

  Name of the candidate and points scored
Responsibilities Johnson Rose Jan
Preventive maintenance 3 3 3
Execute work orders 3 1 2
Purchases and inventory control 1 1 3
Cleans common areas 3 3 3
At least seven years experience 1 1 0
Carry up to 100 lbs 0 0 1
Call 24/7/365 1 0 0
High school diploma 0 1 1
Driver’s license 0 0 1
Advanced  training and education      
Points 12 10 14
Out of total points 17 17 17

Figure 1:  The table of the performance of candidates by key responsibilities and requirements.

The points received by the candidates were plotted on a bar graph to show the ranking of the candidates as shown in figure 2 below.

A bar graph of the performance of candidates on the key responsibilities and requirements

Figure 2: A bar graph of the performance of candidates on the key responsibilities and requirements.

From the table, it shows that Johnson has 12 points out of possible 17 points, Rose has 10, and Jan scored 14 points. On plotting the data on the graph, it shows that Jan has the highest bar. Jan is the best followed by Johnson then Rose;; therefore, Jan should be hired by the company. However, the job requires at least seven-year experience; Johnson possesses the right quality and deserves the position since the technique of selection dictates that all the qualifications are treated equally.

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