Public relations and arts

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Modern art is extremely different from the artworks of previous centuries because artists have changed the purpose and the idea of art. Artists create various works that somehow reflect some events of our reality. Thus, writers and artists interact very closely with the social life of the public, which means that artists and writers can significantly influence social justice. Citizens of different countries cannot speak out openly about politics and injustice because they can be punished because of such bold statements. However, artists are also ordinary people who could tell about injustice in their creations. Artists can freely express about various events that concern the public. The main ideas and goals of the artists of the civil rights movement will be examined in this paper. Freedom of speech is a very important social tool that many artists use in their work. Artists are able to change the world because they are part of a huge civil rights movement.

Civil Rights Movement

Racial discrimination is one of the most serious problems of the mid-20th century. Martin Luther King and his supporters opposed racial discrimination, thereby trying to create equal conditions for Native Americans and for African peoples. Segregation and slavery had a significant impact on the deterioration of the living conditions of the African population, thus racial discrimination was formed long before the policy of Martin Luther King. Americans despised and did not respect Africans solely because of stereotyped thinking. It was extremely difficult for Black people to get an elementary, secondary and higher education because the laws of Jim Crow forbade all blacks from getting an education in the territory of America. Hip hop and rap artists often wrote texts about the hard life of black citizens, it means that the musicians most powerfully and vividly spoke about injustice despite numerous prohibitions. Thus, the civil rights movement of the 1950s-1960s is one of the most cultural movements that are associated with social justice. Moreover, the musical art supported the public movement of African citizens of the United States in the fight against racial segregation.

Martin Luther King spoke with a monologue that became part of the oratory and the new life of all black Americans on August 28, 1963. King spoke about slavery, equality and freedom of black people in America (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 2013). Martin Luther King spoke very boldly about the intentions, desires, fears and needs of the African population of the United States of America. This cultural politician repeatedly spoke with various monologues that affected the life of the black part of the population of America. He dreamed that all African residents of the United States would have the same rights as white Americans. Martin Luther sought to create free and fair living conditions in which society will evaluate a person not by the color of his skin, but by his actions. Thus, some artists, writers and musicians used the ideas of Martin Luther King in their works.


The American hip-hop group “Niggaz Wit Attitudes” existed from 1986 to 2000 and is known for its uncommon, free and frank texts in which there are social problems and injustice. The leaders of this musical group were constantly subjected to criticism and pressure from the authorities and the police. The careers of musicians developed rapidly and they instantly became known in Compton (Rosen, 2016). By the way, Compton is one of the most dangerous cities in the US, but numerous famous musicians began their career in this city. Each member of the NWA group was black, so they wrote very provocative texts in which they repeatedly spoke about the difficult fate of the black people. Policemen constantly terminated members of this group because of scandalous antics during the performance, but this group continued the struggle of Martin Luther King for an equitable and just society in which there is no place for racism. The NWA group is the most striking example of the influence of art on our society and on our world. As mentioned earlier, the band expressed themselves so freely that they called the police directly during the performance. The majority of the black Americans were amazed at the openness and courage of the members of this musical group, therefore this group greatly influenced social justice and the civil rights movement of blacks. The musicians wanted to change not only the musical direction but also somehow influence modern society, so they decided to use only true texts in their songs (Rosen, 2016). As mentioned earlier, they protest against the order, against the law and against racial discrimination of which they were subjected even by police officers. It should be noted that US residents began to positively support this group and oppose laws and order. Hence, the group was able to significantly influence the change in the mentality of the black population, in other words, the creativity of Eazy-E and his team was able to show the whole world the problem of racism. Such a creative method definitely affects social justice as art is a delightful tool for forming a dialogue between different conflicting groups. The NWA group used only honest and fair texts that were written on the basis of the life experience of each member of the group, so residents of even the most remote regions of the US could understand how much their creativity is social and popular. True rap is definitely an effective and truthful way of forming a dialogue between conflicting parties, and as a result, solving many social problems. Eazy-E and his team were able to become one of the most cultured musical groups that tried to help the blacks find their own equal place in US society. It should be noted that the NWA band disintegrated several times for various reasons, but the performers of this group continued to record tracks that raised the themes of social injustice. Consequently, each member of the musical group dynamically contributed to the development of civil rights and social injustice. In short, the work of the NWA significantly influenced the formation and development of social justice in relation to racial discrimination.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is one of the most popular modern hip-hop artists who was also born and raised in Compton (Greenburg, Robehmed, 2016). The art of Lamar has been repeatedly appreciated positively by many major record companies and authoritative musicians; therefore Kendrick is the King of hip-hop. Kendrick Lamar is also inextricably linked to the movement for civil rights of blacks in the US because of the colossal influence of such cult hip-hop performers as Tupac, Snoop Dog, and Eminem. The music of this artist is absolutely individual and even the performer stated that his music is public, and therefore he actively interacts with the public and the society, thereby, he has an extreme influence on social justice. Kendrick Lamar repeatedly spoke about racism and the problems of modern society in his tracks. By the way, the works of this hip-hop artist contain references to the activities of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Kendrick Lamar’s texts are independent of prejudices and stereotypes, which means that a modern hip-hop artist shows modern black American society through the prism of time and the influence of cult hip-hop performers. The last album by Kendrick Lamar touches on the subject of the African people to which the native inhabitants of the United States are unfairly treated (Bonnette, 2015). Moreover, Kendrick Lamar uses the image of prayer in his texts, thus he asks people to pray and support the African people. Lamar tries to show people that black people also have the right to happiness and love because they flow noble blood. Kendrick constantly protests against the internal social conflicts that exist in African American society. Hip-hop singers claim that the black population of America has suffered both racism and hip-hop because so many talented performers have died precisely because of musical competition and race conflicts. Kendrick Lamar’s works are not an effective way to restore equality between conflicting sides, but it is his songs that are an important modern cultural element through which the Martin Luther King movement develops. In short, the work of Kendrick Lamar greatly influenced the development of the idea of Martin Luther King, but these works are not an effective tool for solving the problems of social injustice and civil rights.

The Art of Tupac Shakur

Tupac Amaru Shakur is another popular hip-hop performer who has repeatedly written and read about hard life in the ghetto, poverty, racism and problems of modern society. A special feature of Tupac’s creativity and life was the participation in the “Black Panther” Party which sought to develop Martin Luther King’s ideas, that is, they wanted to create an equal civil society, taking into account all the needs of the African-American population. However, this left radical organization used military tools to build social justice contrary to the ideas of Martin Luther King. The ideas, constitution, and goals of this party were reduced from 1960 to 1970, but this party remained radical and revolutionary (Golus, 2006). They believed that it was impossible to stop the war between black and white democracies, so they sought to seize as many weapons as possible to establish an equitable relationship between African Americans and the indigenous inhabitants of America. The creativity and life of Tupac Shakur greatly influenced the relations between the western and eastern coasts. Thus, Tupac Shakur is a very controversial performer who, on the one hand, tried to create pragmatic tracks that describe the plight of the African-American people in order to solve some social problems. On the other hand, Tupac Shakur was too fanatical about the idea of equality between whites and blacks because of which he was associated with an African-American left-wing radical organization that used aggressive methods of fighting for the rights of African Americans. Moreover, the creative path of Tupac Shakur also relates to the participation in the war of two coasts. Thus, his work is very unusual and very contradictory due to extremely aggressive activities outside of creativity. Tupac could freely express himself and his voice is a cult that many Americans praise, but his participation in civilian inter-relations has a negative impact on his reputation and the formation of social justice. The performer very actively supports the idea of violent formation of social justice and he protests against whites. The art and activities of Tupac cannot be considered an effective or important way of eliminating the conflict between warring parties since weapons and discrimination of other social institutions further develop the conflict.

Artists are able to change the world because they are part of a huge civil rights movement

This is really so, because artists, musicians, and writers can change the world because they are part of social life. Each of the above artists in one way or another tried to raise the theme of racism in their musical compositions and tell about the difficult fate of the African American people. Of course, it is possible to note that not all musicians have sought to resolve an interagency conflict because of various personal or mass political convictions, but many hip-hop performers honor the activities of people who died because of the desire to establish social justice. Also, art does not always positively contribute to the solution of various social problems; moreover, art encourages conflicts between different social institutions. However, it should be noted that each of the artists in one way or another was able to freely express and, as a consequence, radically change the relationship between blacks and whites. Furthermore, not every musician can influence the world because he is not a part of society. Of course, some artists really have a very passive and harmful lifestyle, so they are not an important part of any society. It cannot be denied that many hip-hop performers use a lot of drugs and alcohol; as a result, they begin to behave inadequately and can threaten the lives of some healthy person. Art does not always have a very positive impact on the world or on any political movement. In truth, the policy of the Black Panther Party members really had a negative impact on the democratic movement of the followers of Martin Luther King. One way or another, Martin Luther King’s movement contributed to the development of the African American civil rights movement, which was used by many even by contemporary artists. Most music critics disdain this kind of music because it contains a lot of insults and political thoughts, but hip-hop is part of the civil rights movement for blacks and against racial discrimination. The main reason for the popularity of this type of art is the attachment to the history of the people of the South African people and the struggle for the equal existence of people of different origins in one territory. It cannot be denied that the movement of Martin Luther King also contributed to the emergence of mass protests against the existence of African Americans on the American continent, but precisely this movement formed the basic cultural and national characteristics of African Americans which survived in the form of musical art.

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Proceeding from all the above, it is possible to come to the following conclusion: the voice and freedom of speech are extremely important for the country and for society. Freedom of speech is one of the important components of the whole mechanism, which is responsible for the development of the country towards progress and a better future. However, despite all this, it is possible to say that people should be able to use the freedom of speech. This means that freedom of speech should be in certain doses, because absolute freedom of speech, which is not limited to law, moral principles or ideology, can lead to negative consequences. Moreover, this can lead to the destruction of the country and society. Tupac Shakur’s life story is an example of one of the greatest and most influential hip-hop performers and thanks to which it becomes clear what abuse and non-democratic use of freedom of speech can lead to. This artist received a rather scandalous reputation because of his songs, which mention all the hardships of the life of the South African population, violence and racism. The political party “Black Panther” and the war between the Western and Eastern coasts affected on performances fate, and as far as we know, Tupac’s life ended in a terrible murder. He received several gunshot wounds and this indicates that people should correctly use the freedom of speech and more loyally express their thoughts. Also, it is possible to notice that all the artists described in this article lived at different times, but despite all this, they were of the opinion of Martin Luther King, who said that the rights of a white man and an African-American should be equal. Thus, hip-hop became one of the art forms, which most clearly and realistically expressed this problem. Art is a very powerful social weapon that affects society because artists have always expressed in their work specific problems of the time in which they live. This means that art plays an extremely important role in people’s lives and affects the reputation and further development of the country. In short, music is one of the most influential art forms that raise various problems and social injustices with the goal of forming a new public opinion. Art greatly influences social justice, but each performer wants to create his own musical product in which one can analyze various ideas, thoughts and protests against society and politics. However, not every element of a particular art form can be used as an effective tool for eliminating any interracial conflicts. Furthermore, not every element of a particular art form can be used as an effective tool for eliminating any interracial conflicts. Freedom of speech is really an important tool that must be properly used by many artists because they can shape public opinion on this or that political event or public injustice.

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