Equal Representation Essay

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Women in top corporate leadership and managerial positions is a trend that has been embraced and growing over the last few decades because women have taken up space previously dominated by their male counterparts. Most women have been encouraged by the desire for equal representation in every sector and of course, with high achievements in education; they have every reason to compete. However, in the past 3-4 decades, there has been a trend of these women occupying senior positions in the corporate world opting out because of imbalance between work and family (Gretchen, 2014). This essay seeks to illuminate this pattern and how it might affect or not, the organizations over the next decade.

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Equal Representation versus Opting out moms

According to the Pew research center, majority (70%) stay-at-home women are those who chose to take up the traditional role of taking care of the children and some stay at home because of less education. In the recent past women at the top corporate positions have opted out because of pressure between the family demands and the demands of the organization relative to the positions they hold. They form 1% of the Stay at home mothers (Gretchen, 2014). In most cases, it is not the wishes of these women to opt out; however, they are compelled to, due to lack of flexible work arrangements. However, a majority of these women end up back the same positions but in different organizations. What can we learn from this? It is attestable that majority of corporations across the globe have adopted flexible working arrangements to allow those in managerial positions, especially women to balance between family and work demands. In this case, the organizations are concerned about the total number of hours per week, and this means that one can compress the week by working maybe 10-12 hours instead of 8hours (Belasen, 2012). It is evident that the organizations that have embraced this technique have excelled and efficiently competed in the modern market environment, and equally enhancing equal representation. On the other hand, for those organizations, that will not encompass flexible working arrangements, the lag behind regarding competitions since they will be losing human resource now and then they will focus on the recruiting mood. This implies that the company will not be focusing on others factors of competition. 

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Most women find it challenging to balance between family and work demands, particularly in corporations where there are no flexible work arrangements, and this contributes to unequal representation. 

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