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Bullying in healthcare is a real issue that is happening in the nursing sector, and people who are vulnerable to this vice and unethical behavior are novice nurses. For purposes of gathering data on the bullying of novice nurses in the workplace, a number of databases containing peer reviewed sources were used. These databases include MEDLINE, Joanna Briggs Institute, Cochrane and CINAHL. While seeking data on the topic, the researcher will rely on two search terms. The terms under consideration are, bullying of novice nurses, and work place bullying in nursing. Moreover, while looking for the peer reviewed articles, the concern of the researcher was on articles that were written on 2013 to 2017.

The reason behind these dates is because of the need of acquiring information from recent works of research. Additionally, the focus of the researcher was on nursing journals. This is because these journals would provide the most reliable information about the bullying of nurses in their work place (Taylor, Bogdan & DeVault, 2015; Zikmund et al, 2015). While using these databases, my concern will be on articles that are found at the EBSCO and JSTOR databases. These are respectable sources of journal articles; which ensure that any article that is published in them is of high quality and reliable (Bryman, 2015).

While carrying out research on the databases, the following table provides the results of the search, based on the number of evidence based articles that were found on the database;

Database Number of Evidence Based Articles
Joanna Briggs Institute 4
Cochrane 5

Furthermore, for purposes of determining the best article to use in this research, I had to look at the thesis of the article and the research questions that the article was tackling for purposes of determining its relevance to my research. Articles that had thesis which were related to bullying of nurses were the best articles to use for this project.

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