The Mission, Vision, Values, and Stated Goals of the Organization

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Every organization is set up with the main aim of excelling in their industry. In the healthcare sectors, the general aim is quality care and positive patient experience. However, such a positive patient experience, feedback, and the quality of service may not be attainable without a defined procedure of realizing them. Thus, it is through such strategies that the organization sets the well-defined causes of action which are referred to as the mission, vision, and values. The mission enables an organization to remain focused, while the values could assist the firm to be on the track of their set objectives (Hearld & Alexander, 2014). The purpose of this paper is, therefore, a discussion of the mission, vision, values as well as the set objectives of the Ohio University Hospital, which is also a center of my services as a nurse.

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The Nursing Mission of the Organization.

The Ohio State University Hospital is composed of two clinics or hospital EDs and other two after-hours clinics within the country. It is the mission of the hospital to make sure that all the patients who have visited the facilities get excellent clinical care. Education of the residential students who are trained to offer the excellent care to the patients is a vision that is prioritized in the facility (“Department of Emergency Medicine: The Ohio State University College of Medicine”, 2018). The future of healthcare requires many trained personnel and that is why the organization plans for the better of the future of healthcare.

Unit Nursing Mission and Consistency with the Organization

My departmental unit in the Ohio State University Hospital is the emergency room. The emergency room is characterized by its missions aimed at providing excellent education for the residents. Additionally, it is valued as an implementation of strategies that would see the research and laboratory activities make discoveries to improve the health and lives of the community. Our mission is consistent with those of larger organizations as both strive to achieve excellent care. The similarity is that both the larger organizations and our unit strive to attain better healthcare. Nevertheless, the difference is what the emergency room unit does to cover the scope covered by the larger organizations in strategies aimed at achieving the set objectives (Anderson & Jamison, 2015).

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Individual Role of the Unit’s Mission

My individual role in meeting the emergency room’s mission is that I strive to offer excellent clinical care to all patients regardless of their background, color, or gender. Education of the residents is also a mission that I make sure the department can achieve. I do so by supporting the departmental staff in all their programs aimed at educating students.

Nursing Department Structure

The structure of the emergency room at the Ohio University Hospital emulates a decentralized model. That is, within the department, the nurse’s stations are placed near the emergency rooms always to allow nurses to be alert in case of an emergency within the department (Reynolds & Bander, 2015). All members in the unit are distributed closer to the emergency rooms so that the time spent in reaching the emergency room is minimized.

Pros and Cons of Organizational Model

One advantage of the model is that the visibility of the patient is improved thus contributing to the excellent care which is the department’s mission. Nevertheless, this method has its disadvantages, one of them being nurses feel bored and isolated. Boredom may hinder delivery of excellent clinical care.

Nursing Strategies to Strengthen the Mission and Vision

From my analysis, the nursing’s mission and vision can be strengthened when all nurses are grouped and offered training in the areas that they seem to lag.  Also, nurses could be offered with performance appraisals within their units to motivate them.  The mission of the organization can also be strengthened in the organization by trying to minimize the boredom experienced by the nurses because of the decentralized model. A good example is that the organization can promote nurses to higher ranks in the organizational hierarchy when they perform exceptionally in their duties. Another example is that the nurses could be helped to reduce their boredom in their stations by delegating more than one nurse per room in the emergency department.

In conclusion, therefore, the organizations strive to achieve the best results within the industry by setting up missions and visions that guide them through. The Ohio State University Hospital strives to offer excellent care to the patients as well as improving laboratory and education practices within the facility. The emergency department within the hospital adopts the decentralized model which is advantageous when it comes to emergency matters. The model is, however, disadvantageous as it makes the nurses feel bored and isolated. The appropriate solution would be to add more than one nurse per station.

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