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During the negotiations, I succeeded in the two parties’ negotiations in which I used various strategies and tactics. Particularly, I combined both distributive bargaining and integrative bargaining. Distributive bargaining allowed me to be very competitive with the core objective of getting the best deal (Olekalns & Adair, 2013). On the other hand, integrative bargaining helped me when it was time to be a bit more cooperative. For the distributive bargaining, I opted not to concede easily, but made offers that motivated the other side to concede. I found integrative bargaining more effective because it helps the negotiators to achieve a common goal. Particularly, integrative bargaining served as the most effective strategy for a win-win solution. It allowed me to give attention to the needs of the other party and address the multiple issues involved in the negotiation.

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Undoubtedly, integrative bargaining registered more satisfactory outcomes that were impressive. As a result, I was contented with the outcomes that I achieved through integrative bargaining. Distributive bargaining can be highly disappointing due to its competitive nature (Hames, 2012). Moreover, negotiators may rely on deception as a way of convincing the other party to concede. Unfortunately, I was not successful in the multiparty negotiation. The multiparty negotiations focused on the challenges involved in the formation and management of coalitions. It was quite difficult for me to negotiate on the various issues at hand. My strategies in the multiparty negotiation were ineffective.

I learned important lessons from the classroom simulations. Particularly, my peers gave helpful feedback that can help me to improve in the future. Many of the peers commented on my good use of integrative bargaining and the ability to maximize interests. My peers also recognized that I acted professionally and remained straightforward without any form of deception. Other peers highlighted that I could improve in the future through the application of logrolling. Particularly, logrolling will help me register desirable outcomes and get a better deal according to some peers (Olekalns & Adair, 2013). I agree with my peers that it is more beneficial to rely on logrolling so that I can get better deals in the future. Unfortunately, some peers believed that I was too quiet throughout the sessions. I do not agree with their views because I tried my best to remain assertive and emphasize my specific interests. However, my peers gave important feedback that will help me become a better negotiator in the future.

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In future negotiations, I will focus on using integrative bargaining because it presents the most remarkable outcomes. Additionally, I will utilize the strategy of logrolling with the primary objective of winning better deals. I will work on becoming more assertive while still considering the needs of the other parties. I need to improve on multiparty negotiations by adopting effective strategies and tactics and being able to register a balance among the issues at hand. It is imperative for me to focus on defending my ground in bargaining and using different forms of rational thinking to ensure that I win better deals in multiparty negotiations (Hames, 2012). For me to succeed in multiparty negotiation, I will need to prepare adequately on how to focus on integrative bargaining and establish a winning coalition. I will need to develop tactics for discovering the trading zone so that all the negotiators can focus on collaboration. I will give more attention to meeting the needs of other parties and avoiding criticism during multiparty negotiations.

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