Social Work: Poverty and Creating Social Responses to a Changing Environment

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One of the guiding principles of a social worker is working for justice to eradicate poverty. Social workers view poverty as a social problem which should be eliminated through their assistance. Social work profession began as a movement for advocating for the rights of the poor and underprivileged. This is a sample of a non-profit organization which will help to eradicate poverty and creates social responses to the dynamic environment (Atouba, 2016). Social workers pursue social change through advocating for oppressed and vulnerable individuals.

Social Problem

Some of the daily concerns include high child mortality rates, lack of access to education, deaths caused by preventable illnesses such as pneumonia, high rates of child abuse and food insecurity. The organization’s primary objective is to bring sanity to the community by not only helping with material things but also life-long teachings on ways of improving living standards. Non-Profit organizations are numerous, but most of them target just a small group of people with discrimination (Atouba, 2016). This organization is set to go beyond the common objectives of the competitors by offering education above the material stuff. The organization is ready to work with well-wishers and donors as well as other agencies that have similar objectives. The timing of this new advancement is critical because the gap between the haves and have-nots is growing more extensive with the poor getting more miserable and the rich accumulating more wealth.

Concept of the Non-Profit Organization (NPO)

The Budding Flower International is the name of the organization and its key area of assistance to the people is farming using the solar equipment. The organization will be attached to religious groups for easier identification of the families that are in dire need of help. The organization will be offering materials and food, but on top of that, these families will merge in groups and think of a lucrative project that they do to sustain their lives (Sue et al., 2015). The projects will be surveyed and funded by the organization’s management team. The agency will also oversee the critical functions of the group such as financial matter to ensure the money is put to good use. The organization is set to get a contract with a solar company so that the identified families will be given some of the solar equipment to begin living a decent life. Solar powered agricultural kit is the epitome of the organization (Payne & Askeland, 2016). They include water pumps which will be using solar energy to irrigate their lands and get more produce. The organization will depend heavily on a dedicated team of employees who will help with the management and operations. For continuous processes on a trust basis with the donors, the accounting records will be transparent.

Mission Statement

To advocate for better healthier lives, with good living standards through life-changing projects.

Organizational goals

  1. To eradicate poverty and raise people’s standards of living.
  2. To educate people on proper hygiene and offer medical care to reduce childhood mortality rates.
  3. To strengthen the lowly in the society to believe in themselves and change their mindset for the common good.

The target population is living in detrimental conditions with their primary source of income and livelihood deteriorating (Payne & Askeland, 2016). They need health care and social help where they can be trained on proper hygiene. These people are holding onto their culture therefore only a small percentage of the population is learned. The organization is checking all these issues and is ready to help the community to grow the society. The solar initiative will improve the standards of living and guarantee residents of a bumper harvest that is currently not working because of the changed climatic conditions (Payne & Askeland, 2016). This concept is innovative because few people have thought about having solar-powered water pumps and other equipment to facilitate farming.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analyses are made to develop a company’s strategy of marketing, and for a non-profit organization, the plan is used for financial development as well.


Non-profit organizations are tax-exempt therefore they can offer products at discounted prices. At times the team will provide products to buyers who are exempted from the sales tax on the purchase. In most of its posts, the organization will have volunteers to carry out duties.


The organization will have no source of income depend on for payment of expenses. For-profit competitors can pay for their expenses and get a surplus. An entrepreneur cannot expect a minimal salary since there is no opportunity for return on investment (Sue et al., 2015). While purchasing from suppliers, the budget may be a problem.


Every grant that the organization will get is an opportunity. The organization is eligible for grants from the private agency groups or the government. Many grants are offered even during a recession; it will only take a little effort of applying for them.


Non-profit organizations are vulnerable to economic crises because charitable giving is the first flow of cash that the consumers cut back when the inflow of money is slow. The perception of impropriety should be avoided at all times because even a small scandal can damage the organization.


The disadvantaged communities in the world need people to look after them, offer encouragement and provide alternatives to making it in life. A society that lacks education may be experiencing a high child mortality rate and deaths of people suffering from preventable and treatable illnesses. There is a high rate of child abuse and food insecurity which the organization is seeking to eradicate. These individuals deserve better living standards, and this will be achieved once the programs kicks-off.  The climatic conditions have changed, and therefore most parts of the world that earlier depended on agriculture are not getting enough produce. With the solar equipment, the communities will irrigate their land and reap more harvest.


Figure 1: SWOT Analysis


  • Non-profit organizations are tax-exempt
  • Professionals volunteer to offer their services

  • The organization will have no source of income depend on for payment of expenses
  • An entrepreneur cannot expect a minimal salary since there is no opportunity for return on investment

  • Grants



  • Non-profit organizations are vulnerable to economic crises
  • Small scandal can damage the organization



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