Inmates in state prisons

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The government has been spending millions of money to sustain jails in the country. These are amounts that could have been used to spearhead growth and development in the economy. With the advancement of technology and the increasing levels of unemployment, the number of inmate continues to rise each day. Therefore, there is need to design a strategy to ensure that jails are self-sustainable to relieve the tax payers the burden of supporting inmates who in the first place were making their lives to be unbearable (Kirst-Ashman, 2010). As a result, inmates in state prisons would be allowed to work in order to shorten their sentence.

The national and local authorities are spending a lot of money collecting garbage, cleaning the streets, and other odd jobs that seem insignificant. However, these are jobs that can be done by prisoners, an aspect that would save money to be used in other critical projects. In order to motivate the inmates, those who offer labour should see their sentences shortened. The move would be critical in ensuring that money directed towards sustaining jails is earned by inmates themselves. Furthermore, supplies used in the jails will be purchased by money saved through the work done by the inmates.

Besides the work by the inmates, a lot of money is used to pay salaries for the workers in the jails. However, the decision to use inmates to work in various government sectors will ensure that government does not rely on its coffers to sustain the operations of the jails. Therefore, this will be a positive move that will not only have a positive impact on the lives of inmates but also the economy at large.

Inmates spend much of their time doing nothing. However, once released majority of them ends up back into crime because they lack skills that will enable them to sustain their basic needs in the society (Gideon, Sung, & 2011). In order to avoid this aspect, the government should put up mechanism to enable the inmates to learn and further their education. Once the inmate gets a GED, his sentence should be reduced. Furthermore, such an inmate should be supported to get a job once they are released from a jail (Thomas, & Thomas, 2008). This will be critical in addressing crime rate in the society. On the other hand, inmates who attain a college degree should be promoted to manage other inmates in the jail. This is in addition to the shortening of their sentences. This will instil important management skills that will enable them to be absorbed in the organization once they are released.

Inmates who attain a college degree should be employed within the jail premises as they await the end of their sentence (Carlson, & Garrett, 2009). For instance, they can be teachers or any other personnel depending on their area of specialization. This would motivate the rest of inmates to use their time wisely in order to add value to whatever skills they have. However, money earned by such inmates should be given to them once they are released to enable them restart life in the society.

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