Surveillance Plan: The setting up of Surveillance on Key Allies to the Suspected Assailants

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The establishment of successful surveillance gadgets being implanted in the right place especially on the suspected criminals is almost an impossibility. The suspect criminals are virtually sure of all kind of investigation being cast on their environment at any time hence being extravagance in the scrutiny of a possible existence of the electronic surveillance gadgets such as bugs and wires. It is, therefore, appropriate to set up digital surveillance on the close Associates of the two wanted assailants including Adam Gadahn and Mary Lou Hoskins. The two individuals are the primary persons of interest as being accomplices to the perpetrators and would provide a valuable lead in the gathering of crucial evidence about the alleged attack and stop it or put up evacuation measures on time.

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Surveillance Plans on the Targets

Target:  Mr. Adam Gadahn of California State is alleged to collude with terrorist attackers, and a faces treason charges for helping in the planning of terror attacks in the United States of America. Intelligence revealed that Mr. Adam met and discussed deals with two international assailants.

Surveillance device: A real-time GPS tracker is to be installed on his truck as well as an undercover agent to track his movement in relation to the planned terror attack.

Timeline: The GPS tracker has to be in place and functional within the shortest time possible of this surveillance request. The undercover agent is in position within proximity to monitor and take photographs of potential leads of the planned attacks.

Location: According to intelligence, Mr. Adam truck is on the move and alleged on route to put all the required purchases in position close to the target hit on the Hoover Dam

Reason: A GPS tracker will give investigators the opportunity to closely follow Mr. Adam to find out what they are after and where to look for other pieces of evidence. The undercover agent identifies other possible accomplices in relation to a well-orchestrated terror attack plan on the Christian congregation in Florida.

Execution:  On current adventures of Mr. Adam, one of the agents will jam the truck to necessitate the calling of a mechanic who happens to be an undercover agent. The mechanic will go ahead and fix the GPS tracker on the truck at an unpopular part of the truck making it impossible even to notice it at all cost. The undercover agent will take a position with the company of necessary electronic gadgets and also resources such as cash to cater for needs and take taxis when following the lead.

Target:  Mary Lou Hoskins of Phoenix, Arizona is alleged to be in contact with his brother in law, Norr Aziz Uddin an international assailant and a suspect in a terror attack being planned.

Surveillance device: Wiretapping devices in her residence and also an undercover agent to follow through her treks on who she talks to, where and the frequency of visits or phone calls to any particular person who might be of interest in the ongoing investigation.

Timeline: Wiretapping devices will be planted with immediate effect to keep a check on the current unveilings of the plans. The undercover agent is in position within proximity to monitor her movements especially at awkward times of the day or night.

Location: According to intelligence, Mary Lou Hoskins’ residence in Arizona is within a populated area hence easy to target without raising undue suspicions.

Reason: Wiretapping and the presence of an undercover agent will disclose all the information about her actions, and communication which may reveal crucial details about the plan and also let a lead at other accomplices making it easier to narrow down on specific people and targets.

Execution:  The undercover agent will convince and win over the trust of a close friend within the neighborhood to gain access to Mary Lou Hoskins’ residence and implant wiretaps at a various point within the home. The undercover agent also maintains a close link with Mary Lou Hoskins and her trusted friend to ensure that he actively spies on the target while posing as a friend.

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Surveillance Approach

The setting of surveillance of the possible link to the execution of the terror attack plan provides substantial details hence it is essential to do it swiftly without being noticed. The surveillance is done covertly involving specific targets. The surveillance approach is best suited to ensure that the agency stays on course to learn all the materials facts rather than let slip their cover which would give the enemy’s camp time and advantage to make alterations. In addition, the provision of secretive surveillance presents the agency an opportunity to closely follow up on any new information and notice of possible distractions which could come up as a test of the plan. In the case that a test works in favor of the perpetrators then it comes as a severe blow to the agency since the plot is bound to be altered to remain as secure and successful as they are engineered.

Surveillance Resources

The nature of the investigating and a close follow up of the suspected persons necessitates the application of digital and high quality electronic gadgets to maintain high-level surveillance. In an ongoing investigation particularly when the suspects only leave partial trails or the nature of the investigation is highly delicate it is required to keep a low profile surveillance for the benefit of gathering hard bound proof of intention and commission of a criminal act. The most appropriate electronic surveillance includes sounds transmitters, surveillance cameras and wiretapping and bug feed. In addition, three undercover agents are required to push through the surveillance plans on the two accomplices. The financial requirement for the surveillance plans is estimated at $5,000.00.

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