The concept of femininity

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The concept of femininity has evolved to mean more than getting nails done and wearing nice shoes. In the current workplace, expressing femininity can mean that one is ready to take up leadership roles, but all this is left on the hands of patriarchal men to decide on whether a woman is deserving to lead or not. So, one might ask, does being feminist mean that a lady is in every aspect of a man? In response to this question, Ani DiFranco alludes to the fact that when utilized correctly, femininity can help curb issues such as violence and inequality (Reynolds). Being a feminist does not mean that one is becoming too similar to a man. Femininity as a concept can be used to promote inclusivity since the male world promotes a certain level of independence and autonomous.

Another issue comes in when questioning whether femininity is a concept that can be utilized by both the female and male gender. Femininity at its best should be taken as a way of thinking that can be utilized by the society as whole meaning both men and women. 

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What should be avoided is the thinking that can be used to promote the notion that women are better than men. While the female gender is associated with seeing the bigger picture, the male gender tends to adopt a more focused approach to things in life. While women are characterized by their ability to create better cooperative relationships, men on the other hands are characterized by their ability to remain steadfast and loyal to any undertaking that they are involved with. More than often, the female gender tends to be more emotional and use emotions to be more persuasive, the male gender perceives them as beings that are capable of building more stronger business alliances by using their time.

These major differences between men and women have not begun in the new age. Since the 19th century, men were on the response side by criticizing the different waves of feminism from all forms of perspectives whether political or cultural. What is interesting to see is that both groups are striving to create equal opportunities in a male-dominated world, through the adoption of some techniques such as strategic leveraging. 

A keen look at the issue of men and women, one will note the significant gender gaps that exist between the two groups. Some research was done to reveal that women have different perceptions that sets them apart from men. To them, they are more geared towards achieving various life goals while at the same time placing less concentration on power related areas. To women, high power positions are seen as always leading to adverse outcomes since very much time is spent trying to attain them. The men, however, are more prone to taking the existing opportunities required for their professional advancement. Interestingly, women have similar views to high-level positions, but for them, such positions are less desirable.

The differences that exist between men and women are represented in most organizational environments. This rift between these two genders has been widened even more by bias and discrimination of women since they are perceived as the weaker sex. The male gender which assumes more power, hold different views which are a great influence on their decisions in advancement.

The current day society has even made the rift between the two sexes even wider. The current state of gender equality has allowed for the underrepresentation of the female gender (Gino, Francesca, Wilmuth, and Alison). The female gender is characterized by their fewer distribution around the corporate world. And even the women that have managed to attain the positions still have a problem in remaining relevant, having less influence and having fewer opportunities to develop themselves. 

Goals and aims in life are another major factors that can be used to set apart men from women. Women have a particular view that is unique to them. What is interesting to see is that women have evolved to taking such activities as career achievement as goals they require to achieve apart from the norm   of having family, marriage and strong relationships. Fewer women tend to have their goals fixated on achieving power in the workplace. Women on the other hand delight on issues such as affiliation. 

The current ego exhibited by the male gender is another issue that widens the rift between the two distinct parties. Women, from the ancient times, were barred from taking part in some activities like festivals, signing of treaties, taking part in wars among others despite the fact that their contributions in such dealings would greatly contribute to the success and development in the society. Although some of the activities require a lot of efforts, the female gender cannot be singled out based on the notion that they are incapable of successfully carrying out the task before them. The male gender has deprived them a chance to express themselves through actions. Giving them a chance would provide a good avenue for the female gender to prove their capabilities. 

Women in the society have been reduced to form the minority despite the fact that they are dominating in the world. Their inability to form concrete means of organizing themselves into units that can firmly stand for their rights provided a loophole for the male gender to undermine them. Their actions are subject to the dictates of the dominating male gender who decide what they should or not do. Oppression is imminent in such situations as far as femininity is concerned. The result is that the women become slaves who have less privilege in the society. 

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Some societies are primitive when it comes to the issue of femininity. They have upheld some culture, which work against the women in society. According to their cultural believes and customs, men are considered as more superior to women and thus women are alienated from certain activities. Consequently, the position of women in the society is so low that they are not in a position to raise issues and be heard by the men.  it is unfortunate that the male gender has taken their disregard to women to higher levels by not regarding them as autonomous beings. They have put the point clear that women are never defined by themselves but rather by men. They belief that a woman cannot think independently without the help of a man. To the man, a woman is seen as a sexual being whose purpose can only be differentiated with respect to the men. These negative vices, in the current developed world that recognizes the rights of the female gender, should be buried and women’s rights be respected. Female gender is essential in any society.

Although the current world is pursuing for equality among men and women, the later has been handicapped and sidelined to the extent that they form the least percentage in various aspects. In the job field, more men occupy the higher ranks compared to their counterparts, they get more wages, and have a higher chance of succeeding in life than their competitors. Moreover, most of their legally recognized rights restrict their full expression. 

Finally, there exist differences that set apart women from men. When some of these characteristics are specific to the male gender, it is sad to see that the same criteria are not always applied to the female gender. In an advanced world, people should realize that all genders should be treated equally and awarded the respect they deserve. Men should wake up and reconsider their attitudes towards femininity in the society. Men should affirm to the fact that female gender plays a significant role in the world. The negative thought that women are never in the equality of men ought to be brought to an end. The imminent discrimination against the women must be castigated and that the extreme significance of the female gender be recognized. 

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