Effects of Miscarriage on Female Body

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The sudden end of a pregnancy is called miscarriage. It is estimated that about 10 to 25 percent of women pregnancies end in miscarriages (Garrido-Gimenez & Alijotas-Reig, 2015). In most instances, it is not easy to prevent miscarriages resulting from the abnormality of fetus. It is a stressful period for the woman, and even the couple, and it takes time for one to fully recover from the ordeal. According to the National institute of Health, chromosome complications creates a rather unconducive environment for the baby to mature. This condition is however unrelated to the genes of either the mother or the father. Infections can also lead to miscarriage, hence expectant women are advised to keep hygiene and seek medical advice periodically to prevent infections and to treat emerging ones. The physical complications and or problems emanating for the mother`s reproductive system can lead to miscarriages. Systemic diseases from the mother can also be a cause of miscarriage of a pregnancy. It is recommended that to avoid such an experience, women should receive early prenatal care and avoid certain environmental hazards.  The effects of miscarriages on a woman can be experienced both physically or psychologically as will be discussed herein.

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Garrido-Gimenez and Alijotas-Reig (2015) state that one of the serious effects of miscarriage to women in their bodies is always the heavy bleeding. The bleeding can be as a result of the internal damages or during the period when the woman resumes her periods after ovulation. At times the bleeding can take various forms like colored clots. The bleeding after miscarriage can be longer than usual bleeding. At time it’s even shorter or lighter in. the woman feels uneasy and the attitude changes a lot. Depending on the situation leading to the miscarriage, the hormones can be triggered to act in abnormal manner hence affecting the woman further. The bleeding at times comes to shad off some of the leftover pregnancy materials triggering some bad memories of lose to the woman. It is important to the woman who has experienced a miscarriage to be seeing someone for help even in mental cases or the woman must be very strong to avoid being broken by the experiences and scenes of blood. The bleeding should be normalized within one week and periods to resume as normal too.

The psychological aspect of a miscarriage depends on certain variables. First, it will depend on the religious or cultural beliefs of the woman who has experienced the incident. Second, it will be dependent id the woman was a young couple in their marriage or not. Additionally, this will depend on whether the woman has had children before, or even earlier miscarriages. The availability of resources and other social support will also be a factor to determine the extent of the effect on the woman (Jurkovic, Overton, & Bender-Atik, 2013). Insufficient resources mean that may be an infectious disease, which might turn to be chronic, hence advancing the effects on the mother. Additionally, isolation creates the environment for depression since the woman cannot get the necessary assistance. However, availability of resources is vital in combating all forms of limited financial needs and speeds up the process of recovery. Further, the conducive social environment is a stimuli t faster recovery as the person or couple who have experienced the incidence feel loved and have the mental strength to fight. Some of the psychological effects women undergo when they experience miscarriage include the feeling of guilt and disbelief. Sense of failure and inadequacies, blaming of self, spouse and other relatives or friends. Damaged or wasted feelings sadness coming with depression, jealousy, crying often, and felling of loneliness.

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To deal with grief it is advisable for women to accept the situation and mourn. The couple together can do that. Initiate a process of mourning and accept the situation as a big lose. It is therefore advisable for the couple to allow themselves or create the space for grieving. The male spouse however, according to researchers, experience grief at a later state than women. The emotions should be expressed and the feelings be channeled out in crying, or even shouting. Grief is common and fueled by hormones too. However, it should also be noted that grieving depends on the stage at which the mother lost the baby. If it was at a level where the couple has started shopping for the babies kits and named the child or had known the gender.

Jurkovic et al. (2013) assert that it is advisable that the parents can conduct a ceremony to mark such a loose like conduct a virtual burial id the baby was not developed well enough. The funeral arrangement would help them come to the feeling of normalcy. While the grieving period is may be difficult, it is advisable for the couple or the women to strive to experience the memories and the pain to come and gradually normalcy will resume and the pain will fade with time.  Conversely, to deal with such an ordeal, it is advisable for the affected person to seek support for other people. It will be critical to seek advice and comfort from friends, family members and even from same people who have undergone similar problem.

The nurses who helped the woman undergo the miscarriage can assist from her or his experience with such cases and even recommend a support group within the region. Important to note is that the woman should be ready for some few misguided remarks by friends or other people close to her. Many often these people will make comments not in bad faith, hopping to comfort the mother but just adding salt to the injury. Comments like at least it was not far into the pregnancy maybe sound light to the friends but trikes to the mother. The woman should try as much as possible for such comments not to destruct her or cause more pain.

When a woman has undergone a miscarriage, the fetus can be terminated by a chemical or surgical procedure. Hayley (2017) affirms that in the chemical process the woman will feel Servia pain, nausea, cramping and even diarrhea. Some instances can lead to infection or hemorrhage. A miscarriage can be bad to an extent that it affects future pregnancies leading to more miscarriages. Virginal bleeding that may last to approximately one week is experienced by the woman. Light bleeding and low abdominal pains are also effects of miscarriage to women. Sometimes there is incidences of breast discomforts from leaking milk. Further, certain pregnancy hormones still remain in the body of the woman for about two months after the miscarriage incidence. For the engorgement or the leaking of breast milk, the woman can use some ice packs or a good supportive bra to relive the discomfort.

It is very critical for the mother to visit a doctor and take medical advice. In the case of infections that may arise from the bleedings and physical injuries, the patient should follow doctor`s instructions to the latter. To prevent infections from bleeding the woman can use sanitary pads as opposed to using tampons. The tampons can only be used when normal periods resume. The victim of the miscarriage should also avoid douching and avoid swimming pools and hot tubs. It is advisable for the victim to be taking showers as opposed to baths. Sexual intercourse should be avoided or until full recovery.

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Lindemann (2015) advances that a negative effect of a miscarriage is in a report where only one third of the medical practitioners ask victims and their partners how they were copping up with their miscarriage. As such, a substantial amount of women who are undergoing similar difficulty are unnoticed and do not get a relevant assistance in coping with such situation. It is vital to mention that women who are suffering the post miscarriage effects and have other kids are not performing their tasks well. The children are substantially affected by the parental gap of their mother. It is important to mention that the relationships of such children are also affected substantially. The parents may not be in a position to meet the needs of other children while the children may not be in a position to understand what is happening to their parents. The husbands and wives feel distant and many at times it is difficult to talk about the problem. In some instances the couple might be broken and not recover their normal relationship. Communication is therefore advised to be central to the situation to help in the recovery process and salvage the relationship of the couple. The couple should be able to acknowledge and accept the miscarriage hence work together so as to combat the grief. If it is a large family with other children involved, discussions should take place so that the situation can be conceptualized and necessary support given to the mother. Friends of the family who has experienced the problem should approach normally as they would do if there is grief in the family. They can send cards and flowers and all other necessary support.

In conclusion, it is vital to mention that many women suffer from the effects of miscarriages, which include both physical and emotional or psychological pain. Bleeding, discomfort in breast, spotting, and lower abdominal pain are some of the physical effects women face. Stress, depression, crying, loneliness, and self-blame are some emotional effects of the incidence. It is therefore advisable for the affected person or couple in use communication as a tool, seek medical attention when necessary and be cautious not to get infections unnecessarily.

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