The Human Resource Hiring process

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Executive summary

Employee hiring unlike other job situations such as disciplining, firing and the decision on which employees to promote is rewarding. When a company attempts to fill a position it is a sign that the business is growing and prospering. But fun at times can result to hard work and this is depicted by the challenges human resource personnel go through in order to get good employees for their companies. Many specialist in the human resource sector point out the best way to handle the employee problem is to never hire them in the first place, but the fact remains that good hiring process leads to a better working environment and goals will certainly be achieved. For good hiring to be achieved it is necessary for the human resource team to work hard and ensure that all the processes of hiring are followed (Brantley, Walters, & Wersch, 2010).

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The process should begin by getting acquitted to the federal laws that are against discrimination in the hiring process. With this in mind, the next step is to set the goals of the business and the positions to be filled. Correct job descriptions should be made to ensure that the qualified aspirants are identified (Fleischer, 2005). The next step requires proper posting of the correct information to the public and effective ways in the manner in which the resumes of the applicants are handled and organized. It is important to conduct reviews on the resumes and scheduling of interviews for the candidates who meet the set requirements. It is important to conduct background checks, crosschecking on the references and going through all the available information about the applicants. Other issues such as contracting, immigration documents, health and drug tests should not be overlooked.


Recruiting is an important aspect of any company’s efforts to expand. It involves the process of reviewing the applications, coming up with the best candidates for the interview, testing of candidates, choosing among them and coming up with the right hiring decisions and performing some tests and checks before one is fully hired. The hiring process has taken a new dimension since the 2008 when the economy was performing poorly and there was massive unemployment, hitting its highest in 2011. Ever since then ,hiring has been on the rise, although unemployment levels are still high ,and increased number of layoffs, the hiring personnel henceforth have to follow the laid legal guidelines and factors to ensure that they get the best workforce.

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The advancement and growth of technology has made it easier for people looking for jobs to send as many as possible number of resumes to the different organizations. This has made the Human Resource to thoroughly conduct an extensive review of the candidates in order to come up with nothing but the best suited for that particular position.  Many are relying on technological advancements to help deal with the high number of job seekers and a way to deal with the massive paperwork submitted at their offices (Brantley, Walters, & Wersch, 2010).  This paper will outline the best hiring procedure to be adopted by Two-tot restaurant in order to ensure that it fills its positions in the newly opened branch.

Step one: Legal considerations in the hiring process.

The basis for the formulation of the employment discrimination is to protect individuals with conditions they have no control over. Conditions such as disability, race, religious beliefs, age, gender and nationality. It is illegal for a hiring firm to force one to change any of the above in order to get a job. Some of the common federal rules concerning employment include the civil rights act of 1964 which covers organization with a minimum number of 15 employees. It protects against race, gender, origin and religious discrimination. The pregnancy discrimination act of 1978 which seeks to protect women with pregnancy against discrimination. The age discrimination act of 1967 which covers firms with a minimum of 20 employees and states that people above age 40 should not be discriminated (Putzier, & Baker, 2011). The genetic information non-discrimination act of 2009 helps to protect people on the discrimination concerning their genetic information and prohibits firms from conducting and use of genetic information to determine hiring. The immigration reform and control act of 1986 covers firms with at least four employees and prohibits the use of one’s origin to determine employment chances. The US bankruptcy code section 525 prohibits the use of bankruptcy records as a factor to determine the employment opportunity of workers.

Step 2: Identification of the need for the position

After legal consideration are established, the team will now embark on the course to look for the suitable candidates. The first step is to identify the need for that position. The method to be used will include the determination of the number of customers per employee. The new location is a tourist attraction site frequently visited by many people. The workload is high and hence need for more employees to serve the large number people. The objective of the company is to enhance customer service and reduced time between ordering and service and creation of better quality services, good food, and well maintained rooms.  Existing employees will be informed about the hiring process in progress (Fleischer, 2005). The positions to be filled include a manager, 2 supervisors, an accountant, two chefs, 8 waiters, and two room attendants.

Step 3. Planning for the recruitment

The second step will involve the planning for the hiring process. It includes job description or specifications and work experience and skills needed. The manager should hold at least a master’s degree in business management or any business related course with at least ten years’ experience in the hotel industry. The supervisor should have a minimum of a degree in any management course with five years of experience. The five waiters should have a minimum of a diploma in hospitality and tourism management with at least two years’ experience and knowledge of a foreign language is an advantage.  The chefs should be well trained with at least ten years of experience. The room attendants should at least gone through high school with the ability to perform manual work.

The work of the manager will be the overall running of the hotel and will be in charge of all the other employees. The accountants work is to receive money and take account of all the expenditure of the company by keeping proper records. The chefs will be responsible for preparation of the different types of meals and drinks. They must be able to come up with recipes for making quality food. The waiters’ role is to serve the customers according to their needs. The room attendant is responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the rooms, by cleaning the beddings and cleaning the entire hotel premises. The supervisor will be in charge of the kitchen department, the lobby and his role is to ensure there is smooth running of the hotel.  Finally the job vacancies will be advertised on the hotel’s website and the local daily

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Step 4: Review applications and scheduling of interviews

After proper advertisement, there will be a large number of applicants. The HR team will therefore crosscheck on the resumes of the qualified applicants to establish whether they meet the requirements. The qualified applicant names will then be handed to the hiring manager who will then determine the most suitable candidates and contact them through a telephone call.  The telephone call will itself be a form of an interview, where the manager will try to establish the applicant’s job fitting culture. The non-qualified candidates who are not scheduled for an interview will be conducted.  The phone interview will have narrowed down the number of applicants and the interviews will be conducted according to each job vacancy.  The interview will require the applicants to fill forms that will allow the management to conduct a background check on the applicants. Conducting a live interview is necessary as it measures the behavior and attributes of the candidates (Brantley, Walters, & Wersch, 2010). The applicants will have to submit a medical test results conducted at a national facility. The company will further conduct drug testing to ensure the safety of the customers. In addition to the interviews, the employees will be further given a written interview to check on aspects of safety and first aid. Such a test is important to test the knowledge of the employees when situation arise and how they can handle. Conducting a drug test may be unethical, but it is for the best of the company to employ clean employees free from drugs and substance use.

Step 5: Background checks and selection of most qualified candidates

The management will check on the references and conduct background checks and this will be during the second interview. It is important to check on the candidates’ education, history of employment, and criminal records. This information can be sourced from previous work places and on media platforms to ascertain the people before you are the ones you have come to know (Putzier, & Baker, 2011). After reaching to a final decision, the most suitable candidate will be chosen, notified and a job offer will be tabled. Candidates who will not be chosen will be notified  as this helps to maintain a positive relationship with the public.

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Step 6:Negotiate the details of salary and start date

After tabling the offer, the details of salary and the commencement will be discussed. The negotiations will include compensation, salary, company resources, working hours and general conduct within the hotel premises.  The manager will pocket $15,000 dollars per month while the chefs, the accountants and the supervisor will earn $9000. The waiters and the room attendants will each earn $3000.  The workers will be reporting at 7am and leave work at 8 pm with a 20 days leave per year. Accommodation, transport and meals will be catered for. The candidates will be given two weeks to report to their new jobs.


Employment and retention of workers is one of the major challenges encountered by today’s employers. Most startup businesses do not follow a defined hiring process and hence end up being unsuccessful. (Fleischer, 2005). Following the above laid procedure, may ensure that a firm gets the best workers. The hiring process is however, tedious, time consuming and quite expensive. On the flip side proper hiring, rewards the employer in increased productivity, good employer –employee relationship and the realization of a good work environment conducive for business. This form of hiring will hence lead to an organization getting the best employees, with proper skills, and who fit with the company’s objectives and culture.

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