Humberto Leal Garcia case of Texas 2011

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Humberto Leal Garcia was a Mexican-born convict sentenced to death by lethal injection by the state of Texas for the crimes of rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl. His case received attention from state house under the Obama administration and other international bodies and organization. Who were opposed to his execution because it breaches international rules that govern the rights of foreigners convicted and incarcerated in the United States.

Obama position on Humberto Leal

President Obama and his administration attempted to stop the execution of Humberto Leal. Stating that proceeding with the execution will cause to breach of international rule of law, which will result in irreparable effects towards the interest of the United States. The president pleaded with the Supreme Court to extend or put on hold the sentencing until proper consultation is arrived between the unite state and Mexico. Stating the accused should be provided with Proper counsel from Mexico in order to facilitate fair trial and judgment, which will eliminate incriminating facts which were obtained from a “non-custodial interviews” by the police when the accused was giving out his statement (Atwell & Mary 2015). President Obama through his correspondence stated that the execution will affect negatively foreign relations, military and other law enforcements cooperation and operations with Mexico especially when it comes to combating drug trafficking and other crimes that affect both countries. Conversely, the foreign policies that facilitate that foster cooperation with other nation and protection of Americans abroad will be jeopardized.

Obama and Rick Kerry perspectives

The Texas governor declined to adhere to the plea made by the central government to delay or put on hold the sentencing of the latter; he is considered a radical advocate for capital punishment. The governor was quoted stating that if an individual is caught committing heinous crimes in Texas he/she will face maximum penalty regardless of where they from thus cementing his decision to proceed with the sentencing (Limbaugh & David 2014). This contradicts President Obama position on placing interests of the country first, by considering the repercussion to befall the United States if it proceeds to sentence Humberto Leal.

Who to have the last word in these cases

The sentencing of Humberto Leal had attracted interest from both local and international figures, who were observing how the United States will handle the situation. Though the governor of Texas Rick Kerry had the power to allow execution of the latter, the last decision should have been left to the government; given how the sentencing had attracted attentions from international communities and other human rights groups. Thus ensuring individual(s) with political ambitions do not use the circumstance to gain political mileage at the expense of a person(s) life.


There are dozens of death row inmate like Humberto Leal in the united states, who have no proper legal counsel from their native countries to enable them avoid death sentencing. Legal experts explain that if the latter had swift and prompt legal representation, he would have not been executed because evidence provided by defense was vague. Hence foreign convicts are now being granted legal counsel from their countries to facilitate fair trial and conviction.

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