The Negative Effect of Social Media in Saudi Arabia

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Social media is at its climax today in most of the parts of the world due to the continuous development of technologies such as computers. Additionally, it has become a habit for most individuals around the world. Some of the favorite tools used in social media include Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. Evidently, Saudi Arabia is not an exception. It is like most countries and has not been alienated from the robust and modernized method of connecting with people around the world through social media. However, social media has detrimental effects especially to young people who use it. Moreover. It has led to the destruction of life in Saudi Arabia. Social Media has adverse effects in Saudi Arabia.

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Social media has adverse effects on the Saudi Community. According to Ibrahim al-Hatlani, most Saudis neglect the commitment of their families. Previously, people in Saudi used to spend most of their time with their families bonding, having conversations, and recreation. However, this time has reduced due to social media as most of the people in the families use their time accessing social media (al-Hatlani). Therefore, social media have taken the time spent with their friend and families away. Further, the Saudi people are very religious, and hence relationships with their relatives and families are significant in their religion. Nonetheless, participating in online forums could pose a significant danger to their family structure and hence affecting the Saudi community in general.

Social media has adverse effects on the Youth in Saudi Arabia. Exposure to relations that are virtual in social media affects most youths in this country. According to Rodolfo C. Estimo, the social media has made most of the children to become introverts. Evidently, the youngsters in the society do not have various modes of entertainments and have resulted in using the internet on a daily basis. It has created an enabling chance for them to meet new evil people who may be dangerous to their lives. Eventually, they may end up doing something harmful to others due to the influence they get in social media. For instance, some six kids recently killed their cousin since he was working with the Saudi Arabia army. Apparently, they believed he was not a good person as he was serving the family king. Thus, they lured him to an abandoned area and carried the heinous act. In fact, one of them released a video footage threatening Saudi soldiers to quit their jobs or be killed (al-Hatlani). Evidently, they got this perception by connecting with some ISIS individuals through social media, who then infiltrated their minds into killing one of their own. The internet gave the kids extremist and immoral thoughts.

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Furthermore, some people in Saudi Arabia misuse social media. For instance, some people in this country use this tool to make scandals for other people or even expose their lives (Estimo). Evidently, people can praise people they like or criticize others who they dislike. Therefore, some Saudis who despise others due to their opinions such as in a political difference have used such an opportunity wrongly and exposed their families in public. Social media has mad the lives of people to be open and hence reduced their privacy. Moreover, some people have indulged in poor life habits such as showing themselves off to others in public (Estimo). Such practices result in low self-esteem in others especially those who follow them on their social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. For instance, children in Saudi Arabia follow celebrities in social media through YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. Eventually, most of their time is spent admiring these people, and some may get hurt when they realize they lack some things. Besides, these children in Saudi Arabia waste a lot of time doing that and hence not intelligent in any way.

Additionally, social media has affected marriages in Saudi Arabia. Evidently, the use of internet has led to the destruction of marriages in many societies since most people prefer to live in casual relationships sites of social networking (Abdulahi, Samadi, and Gharleghi). For example, many Saudis use the social media to indulge in immoral relationships. Some social media applications make it easier for dissatisfied couples to look for new relationships or have affairs. Ultimately, such habits can lead to infidelity and hence resulting to divorce (Abdulahi, Samadi, and Gharleghi). Moreover, some jealous spouse may develop suspicious behaviors especially when they discover something on their social media accounts such as in Facebook. Undoubtedly, this suspicion results in increased monitoring, conflicts in the relationship, and jealousy. The more a partner examines the social media account of their spouse, the more mistrust builds in the relationship. Eventually, such occurrence leads to the destruction of marriages.

In conclusion, Social Media has adverse effects in Saudi Arabia. It has become a habit for most individuals around the world, especially in Saudi Arabia. Some of the favorite tools used in social media include Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. However, social media has detrimental effects, especially for young people. Moreover. It has led to the destruction of life in Saudi Arabia. Nonetheless, if used well, it has many positive effects. Thus, people in Saudi Arabia should refrain from using it for the wrong purpose and embrace better methods for development and improvement of their society.

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