The United States of America was originally created to achieve what purpose?

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The rebellion of the British colonialist in American states against the British government gave rise to the independent United States of America. What started as minor complaints against the government culminated in major opposition by the colonist leading to fight for independence. The American people could not take it anymore from the British government; they wanted to rule themselves in a manner that served their own interest. The independent United States of America was created to serve the interest of the Americans through a more perfect union, ensure justice, domestic tranquility, and defense in common, general welfare and the blessings of liberty to the people and their descendants (the constitution 1). Therefore, the purpose of the creation of America was to serve the interest of the people.

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To start with, the people expressed their grievances against the British government on matters that did not serve their interest. The British government used force taxation on the American colony to finance its military activities. Moreover, in the year 1773, the tea tax act was enacted with the aim of protecting the monopoly of British East India Company in American market causing an outrage by the people resulting in the famous Boston tea party that led to the destruction of tea at the harbor by the activist (Conlin 133). The rebellion showed the desire of the people to defend their freedom of choice but the government was unwilling to involve them; instead, they enacted laws protecting British officials from persecution in America while a coercion law was enacted against the colonist. Military force was used against the people to ensure they comply with the British government requirements, the British rule in America did not serve the interest of the people, and the colony was only being used as a source of revenue through taxation and market through monopoly power of the British firms in America. The people were not involved in their government neither were their interest considered thus the revolution for independence.

On their part, the American people upon being declared independent formed a government that represented their interest as the people of America. First, they proceeded to form a constitution that would enable self-government by the people. The people’s participation in the government was considered an important part of the independence thus the requirement of elected leaders to represent the people in the congress. Moreover, the elected leaders were supposed to be a citizen of America thus representing the interest of the people. The constitution was specific to the powers of the congress and clearly refused nobility title in the US. Additionally, taxation preference of goods from specific ports were not allowed as all goods in the states were to be treated equally and only reasonable and necessary taxation were imposed on goods.

The approach taken by the new government was quite a contrast to the former British colonial government. While a king headed the government in Britain and was considered a noble, nobility was not allowed in the independent America. Moreover, the members of the congress were now drawn from the locals with specific requirement of having lived in America for specified years unlike the British rule who had the British congressmen serving the interest of the British government in America. Additionally, the members in America were now elected by the people. The unfair taxation by the colonial government was also eliminated giving rise to more accommodative tax laws. The American military was also serving the interest of the people unlike the colonial military.

Today, the independent America continues to uphold their original freedom of choice and expression thus serving the interest of the people. The country continues to uphold all men as equal and with rights that cannot be alienated from them just as the preamble to the declaration of independence states (declaration of independence 1). Leaders are elected by the people to represent the people. Moreover, a free market policy has enabled growth in trade in the country. The military also continues to serve the interest of the people through protecting the sovereignty of the country and safeguarding its citizens from external aggression.

In conclusion, the fight for freedom initially appeared like a civil war among Britons in America and the ruling Britons from Britain. However, with time, it became apparent that the people of America wanted to be free, free from oppression by the colonial power. They needed to have a country of their own where their interest would be paramount to other things thus the formation of America to serve the interest of the Americans. The constitutional use of the words ‘we the people’ support the rule of the people by the people for the people.

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