Trump’s Mass Deportation and US/Mexico Border Wall

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President Donald Trump has proposed the mass deportation of the illegal immigrants from the United States of America as well as building a US/Mexico border to handle the issue of the unlawful persons that get into the country (Koba, 2017). The issue has been a matter of concern for years; however, it has not been able to deal with fully in the past. Nonetheless, the topic has resulted in mixed reaction regarding the possibility to achieve the so proposed Trump’s action to address the issue of deporting around 13 million people from the country for several reasons. Although previous Presidents have aired the issue out, it seems Trump’s administration has taken a step, which is rather unprofitable or dangerous to the country. That is to say that, he has pushed the issue to a more devastating situation and hence it may result in several consequences to the USA economically.

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Unlawful immigration is a critical problem in the United States. Whereas some persons support the expatriation of all aliens with reference to the country’s rules, others suppose that it is too intolerant and strict, mostly taking cognizance that there are approximately 12 or more millions of the illegal immigrants (Koba, 2017).  Consequently, a variety of questions has been raised concerning the subject that has resulted in debates. A number of the apprehensions include the feasibility of mass extradition, the accomplishment, which have been achieved in the past regarding the issue, and the measures of the previous presidents; for instance, President Roosevelt, Hoover, and Truman in handling mass deportation in the country. Furthermore, the subject is also critiqued from the financial side by assessing the aliens’ constructive and aid to the country eonomy (Hunt, 2017). Further, the price of the proposed mass expatriation and construction of the “wall” is a matter of concern. The ethics of the crusade regarding its justice to the populace that include both authorized and illegal settlers, and its results on the state security, and safety of the United States of America citizens, are also subjects of concern (McFadyen, 2017). About the American philosophy of inclusiveness, how the politics of group expatriation and building of the border wall is received by the Republicans and Democrats as well as the validity of the entire idea.

First, deportation of more than 13 million unlawful immigrants will cost the country a huge amount of money that would be either utilized to grant them citizenship through the “Pathway to Citizenship.” It is a difficult task to sort out alien people in the nation, considering their number and deporting them. Hence, it will take time as well as resources to achieve this goal (Koba, 2017). Moreover, building the US/Mexico wall to hinder the entrance of these sly immigrants will have several consequences including the taxes the citizens will have to remit. Moreover, this will result to animosity between these two countries; not to mention the loss of the people that leave in the southern border where the wall is to be built. The border wall will also destruct the nature regarding that wild animal use it for various purposes such as migrating for reproduction, search for pasture, and other requirements (McFadyen, 2017). The step will also result to more aggressiveness from the people being restricted from getting in the country and; hence, they will find other ways in spite of being blocked by the wall. Thus, illegal immigrants to the country will always be there through; for example, by using legal means such as airplanes and with legal documents and overstaying in the country (McFadyen, 2017).  Therefore, it will be good if the President allow for legalization of the current illegal immigrants as the country’s citizens since they will also contribute to the US economy through taxes and other activities.

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The conservatives are championing Trump’s decisions on the matter, but the Liberals are in opposition of the same because they do not see it as a solution but an undemocratic move. However, his does not change my position to oppose the move because this idea by President Donald Trump has various concerns regarding the welfare f the American citizens, it is essential that both the positive and negative outcomes will be assessed. Nonetheless, this step by the Trump’s administration is not viable and; hence, building a border wall as well as deporting these people that have come to recognize America as their home. Incorporating them into the society would be the best solution regarding the issue.

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