Drug abuse among the youths

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The research will look into details the social issue of drug abuse among the youths. It will major on what are the causes of drug abuse. Under the causes, the research will show some of the main reasons why most of the youths abuse drug. The research will also look at some of the consequences that are associated with drug abuse among the youths. It will further recommendations on what are the possible ways that can be used to stop drug addiction and abuse among the youths.

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Activity Period
Preparing questionnaires that will be used in the survey 1 day
  1. Actual survey (Distributing the questionnaires to the youths)
  2. Going through secondary sources and extracting their findings
3 days
Analysis of the survey and writing down the findings 3 days

Research questions

  1. What are some of the causes of drug use among the youths
  2. What are the consequences of drug abuse among the youths
  3. What are some of the recommendations that can be implemented to stop drug abuse

Research objective and aim

To critically look at what are the causes of drug abuse among the youths and find ways that can be used to stop drug addiction among the youths.

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This research paper will be of benefit as it will be looking at the current issue of drug abuse among children and the possible ways that can be used to stop it.

Causes of drug abuse

  1. Peer influence- How youths are persuaded into drug abusing among their peers
  2. Boredom- The desire to try something new among the youths
  3. Lack of role models among the youths- Youths copy from the parents and their teachers

Consequences of drug abuse

  1. Health related problems among the youths which leads to increased spending by parents and governments
  2. Increase in the cases of school dropout and youths being laid off at work due to drug addiction and its impacts
  3. Increase in anti-social behavior


  1. Introduction of educative programs that will teach the youth about the dangers of drug abuse.
  2. Passing of strict law with dire consequences that will discourage the youths from drug abusing.
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