We should relocate Syrian refugees into the Middle East

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The spate of violence in Syria has displaced its civilian population where children, elderly and women are forced to seek refuge in other countries.  Many of the refugees are seeking asylum in the United States where it is costly to do so.  The reason for its high cost can be attributed to the distance of the United States from Syria, higher standard of living, more bureaucracy and screening due to suspicion of terror among Arabs and sheer general dislike for anyone coming from the Middle East.  We should therefore, relocate Syrian refugees into the Middle East because it is cheaper than the US.

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The most significant consideration about cost in seeking refuge to the United States is its distance from Syria.  Going to United States from Syria covers a distance of 10,775 kilometers (www.distancefromto.net, nd).  It means United States which is half a world away from Syria.  If we will compare it to other Middle Eastern countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, and other countries in the Middle East, the distance will be cut short as they are just in the same region.  This has an effect to cost as it would mean lesser fares and inconvenience to the refugees or to those who will sponsor them.

It is also cheaper to relocate in the Middle East not only in terms of savings in transporting refugees but also in operating and maintenance expense.  Middle East has a lower standard of living compared to the United States and this means that cost of goods there are way cheaper than the United States.  It means that for the same bread or milk, one will spend less in the Middle East compared to the United States.  Concretely, if U.N. Red Cross, Red Crescent or other humanitarian agencies will allocate certain amount of money, it can buy more food, clothing, erect more shelter if the refugees can be relocated into the Middle East.  In addition, the salary of the people who are going to help the refugees will be much lower if the refugees will be relocated in the Middle East.  United States has one of the highest salaries in the world that a minimum hour of work there will already cost an average of $7.25 (Brainerd, nd) compared to Middle East where it will cost a fraction of that amount.

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There will also be less suspicion about security when refugees are relocated into the Middle East.  Whether we like it or not, the American government will always be suspicious of Arabs regardless of their condition thinking that terrorists will insert themselves among the refugees.  This has an effect on cost as security measures that will be installed to monitor the refugees are expensive.  If the refugees will be relocated in the Middle East, the security cost will not be as much because governments in Middle East are not as suspicious towards Syrian compared to the US government.  The savings in security can instead be channeled to humanitarian aid like buying more foods, clothes, medicines, and shelters.

There are also other intangible benefits if the refugees will be relocated into Middle East in addition to the consideration of cost. First, they would not have hard time adjusting to their new environment as the climate and culture is relatively the same.  Such, the feeling of disconnect will not be as much as refugees will still be in an environment that they are familiar with.  They will not have to suffer as much discrimination as they would be subjected to if they seek refuge in the U.S. Considering that the new administration of the US perceives Arabs as mostly terrorists, it will not be unlikely that refugees will always be treated with suspicion and being such, will be not be treated as humanely as they would be if they will be relocated in the Middle East where governments are likely to welcome them.

It is impractical to direct the refugees to the United States.  Foremost of all consideration is the distance which costs a lot for refugees to get there.  And if we multiply that with the number of refugees, the amount would make it impractical to continue going to the US.  Instead, refugees could be relocated in the Middle East to save on cost.  The same amount that will be spent on the refugees if they are taken into the United States can accommodate and help more refugees.  Refugees will also be more welcome and would feel more comfortable if they are relocated in the Middle East because the climate and culture are the same where they will not have to suffer from undue discrimination.

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