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The Implementation of Healthy 2020 in distinct regions in the United States remains one the best approaches to dealing with the mental problems facing the old age population in West Palm Beach, Florida. West Palm Beach remain one of the known states in the US that have facilities offering assisted, independent and secured living to patients who are majorly associated with the adult population. The city has two major community care amenities providing services such as dining, dressing and bathing the Alzheimer patients. Dealing with the mature population under destabilized mental state is quite a cumbersome task to most health practitioners, making the Alzheimer population in West Palm Beach the perfect study ‘specimen’ in improving health administration to citizens in the United States of America (New LifeStyles, 2013).

The community cares as well offer residential or home visits support to people living in the city. The memory cares communal institutions have several options of floor plans including private and shared apartment styled rooms. With the use of secured and open floor plans window and door alarms aids the health professional administer 24/7 watch over their patients guaranteeing their safety (DNP Capstone Project Guide, 2017).

Lastly, the popular West Palm Beach city has a population estimate of around 104,000 as at 2014. Other cities around the environs include the Rivera Beach, Miami, The Royal Palm Beach and Century Village. Many unique scenics are some of the heritage of the city that has extensively made the adult Alzheimer support administration successful. The facilities providing Memory care service facilitate social awareness that aid in the slow progression of conditions related to Memory Loss (New LifeStyles, 2013).

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