Evaluation of Effectiveness of Infographic

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The Infographic Identified

This analysis seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of infographic as a piece of information. The piece identified in this study is by Pew Research Centre, essentially targets a specific set of audience to highlight the manner in which adults and teens rely on social media for communication. It uses figures and numbers to demonstrate percentages that show the strength of a particular age group in the use of social media for communication. The social media platforms include Facebook and Twitter among others. In doing this study, it advances the realization of the infographic as a way of information and thus helping the readers of this work to be able to predict the future of the same among the posterity.

The Purpose and Ideal Audiences

The purpose of the infographic is to inform the audience about the use of social media as a tool of communication among the youths and adults. Essentially, the growth of communication technology has played a greater role in connecting the people from different parts of the world.in the identified infographic, the target audience is basically the youths and some of the active adults that use social media for communication (Smiciklas 2). By showing the percentage of every group, the audiences are able to visualize their adoption of different mainstream media for interaction. It is imperative to point out that every piece of infographic has a clear purpose, and in that regard, it must achieve that purpose. It also seeks to make sense to the target audience by helping them to see the trends and history demonstrated by the data presented. It also has compelling features that trigger the people to interact with it. Finally, it has to remain true to data as it avoids any form of manipulation, distortion, and misrepresentation of the truth that it seeks to convey.

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Criteria for Evaluation

It is important to develop substantive criteria to evaluate the infographic piece of information as demonstrated in this study. To instantiate this, I will use different mechanisms to validate the effectiveness of this piece in terms of its content, usability, and design. In testing these three categories, the audiences would be able to appreciate its effectiveness and ability to inform the target audience.


In terms of the evaluation of the content, I rely on learnability whereby I would want to evaluate whether it would be easy for the users to learn how to perform different tasks, and to ensure that for the complicated tasks, there are available features to support them (Smiciklas 8). For example, the presence of important features like tutorials, hints tips among others essentially makes the content friendlier to the users. Another criterion is its intuitiveness, where I would check into the obvious and easy way to accomplish the task. Efficiency is another criterion for evaluating the content to ensure that it communicates within the required timeline.


This concerns the people that are expected to consume it. One of the criteria is preciseness, where I would check whether it is precise enough to inform the audiences. Another one is memorability, where I would ensure that the audiences are able to memorize it when relying on it. Affordance is another criterion to ensure that the interactive elements like buttons, input text boxes and links are available to the users. The user should not have the problem when interacting with it at any point.


In this category, I would look into the issues of information architecture (IA) to test whether the web pages are properly organized and categorized (Smiciklas 11). In the same note, I would evaluate whether they are properly organized in terms of navigation and features construction. Findability is another criterion to ensure that there are sufficient sites and features like active pages, search boxes, and links.

From these areas of evaluation, I consider the identified infographic piece in this study to be an effective and operational purpose. The audiences are well taken care of and are addressed using the best tools and materials contained in it. Besides containing the pictures and images, it has figures and features that make it interactive for the users. It remains a better tool for interaction that the target audiences would enjoy. It provides links and features that lead the users from one point to another, which is a potential strength in working with any infographic piece.

In conclusion, this study is a significant one as it explores different areas that one would use to evaluate the effectiveness of an infographic piece. By demonstrating the criteria used in doing so, which include the content, usability, and design, the readers of this analysis are informed concerning what to look in any piece to consider it effective and purposeful. It is also imperative to point out that examining different categories in this regards is centrally sought to ensure that the users enjoy interacting with it, without any hitch, or rather challenge. From that line of view, the infographic identified in this study is a significant one, effective and purposeful to the audiences.

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