Why I Want to Become a Teacher

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I have always wanted to pursue a career that impacts society with knowledge since my childhood. In this case, I am convinced that teaching is the best career since it entails training children to be responsible adults in the future. Being part of that transitioning journey is such an inspiration for me since it makes me fill fulfilled. There is a lot of potential for creativity in teaching, so I intend to use it to help students advance their knowledge. Besides, I will be happy to see my students become better in the future by pursuing well-paying careers and providing long-term solutions to the current human predicaments. I will also be thrilled to see my students becoming groomed leaders and chief executive officers. Essentially, I want to impact society positively, and I take pride in helping children master their abilities and transition to responsible adults.

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Personal Strengths

Regardless of the difficulties I may have in the classroom, I am confident that the work I do will genuinely benefit my children and their families and impact their future. My goal will be to become a teacher, and I do not doubt that doing so will be extremely fulfilling. My strengths are altruism, being a natural leader, creativity, determination, goal orientation, and a strong work ethic. My passions and strengths will be highlighted if I become a teacher. In addition, I have had the chance to speak up for youth and bring positive change to my neighborhood.

Furthermore, I have a strong enthusiasm for science, education, and representing minorities in general. The three words best describe me are inquisitive, aspirational, and creative. These qualities are enough to make me a competent and transformative teacher.

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Goals of Becoming a Teacher

I want to be a teacher so that I may help mold and influence the future of the students I work with. I firmly think that children are our future and that giving them the knowledge and resources they need to have fulfilling lives is crucial. I want to support kids as they progress through their education and development. Considering how crucial my instructors were to me, I also want to pursue a career in education. The instructors inspired me to realize my full potential, and I am aware of how vital a part they played in my life. My school instructors significantly impacted my life, and I wanted to replicate that for other children. This is why I am motivated to become a teacher. I enjoy assisting children in developing their knowledge and self-esteem.

Additionally, I find it fascinating that teachers impact the students they instruct, which affects how our collective future plays out. It means a lot to contribute to history, even in a small way. I enjoy watching kids grasp concepts and comprehend what I am teaching them. Moreover, I enjoy assisting young people as they transition into the next phase of their lives.

As a teacher, I will help students develop their competencies in accordance with the world and its realities. Therefore, it is crucial to be a teacher to instill in the students a meaningful education that will help them learn to resolve conflicts through dialogue (Souto-Manning, 2019). But more importantly, teaching students to philosophize will help them develop a critical, reflective, analytical mindset that will help them live better as individuals, according to Roberts-Holmes (2018).

Knowing effective teaching techniques based on case studies, moral dilemmas, or project-based learning is also important because these methods help students learn about the actual world (Chaubey et al., 2018). For the kids to fight for their rights in the future and have them be truly valid, I intend to make a positive contribution to society. I particularly enjoy imparting knowledge to others. Seeing my students succeed is something I would love to hear since it would make me proud. Teaching has a mystical quality to it. A teacher can aid the student’s learning process by imparting some of their knowledge to others. Giving a lesson to someone else enables one to impart a portion of their mental processes while assisting them in making their applications of the information (Anderson et al., 2020). Consider the vast differences between every person on the earth. Everyone has unique ideas, points of view, and views. It would be an exciting experience if I could sit down with someone and, using a sequence of words and examples, teach them something new that they could utilize for the rest of their lives, thus making teaching the best option for me. I am thinking about becoming a teacher because it is so rewarding. No words describe the satisfaction of seeing young people develop into their best selves. We adore them so much that they resemble our children in some ways.

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Nevertheless, teaching is a transformative career that requires passion and patience. Although the pay may not be pleasing, the impact on the student’s life is encouraging. I would love to build a solid legacy through my teaching career. I intend to develop my communication skills and perfect the concepts to ensure my students can easily synthesize the course content seamlessly. I aim to transform the lives of my students and those around me in a positive manner. Hence, being a teacher will give me the platform to serve those younger than me and shape them into making better life decisions.

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