Content Analysis: Central Park, United States of America

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Content analysis of Central Park, the United States of America is based on the selective online resources that aim at promoting at restoring, managing and enhancing Central Park in partnership with the public. The New York’s Central Park is an urban park in Manhattan. It’s the most visited park in the United States of America and one of the most filmed locations globally. The park is inextricably linked with the social and cultural history of the history (Stowell-Kaplan, 2015).  Through the establishment of Central Park Conservancy, it aspires to build a great organisation that sets the standards and spread principles of park management by emphasising the environmental excellence to improve the quality of open space for enjoyment to all people. Central Park, New York markets strategy is via their official website and by using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. In our content analysis, samples were collected from the four aforementioned marketing platforms, and the images and text samples were analysed.

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In our image coding, the official website was first analysed to form the base of coding images, and the keyword samples were put in groups thematically such as activities, transportation, culture, wildlife and people. In order to come out with clear results, the keywords were analysis in the Central Park marketing platforms which includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (“central park”, n.d.).

Keyword Presentation

Fig 1: Keyword Presentation

As outlined in the marketing strategies of Central Park, New York, the characteristics presented are mainly the natural appearance and the visitation of the sites. For this reason, the organisation pays more attention to the restructuring, managing and enhancing the park. Additionally, the organisation organises sporting activities which aim to address the sportsmen and women, visitors and onlookers (“Central Park Attractions”, 2017).

In text coding, we applied a similar procedure like the image coding but were analysed text according to its use in the marketing platform. The words that reoccurred mostly were filtered and outlined in the excel table. In this section, there was no unified classification system applied.

Content Analysis

Fig 2: Content Analysis

According to the marketing platforms, the park is potentially the best site to visit in the United States of America for holiday and conference functions. In these strategies, families, sportspersons, as well as education programs are addressed. The Central park offers a variety of activities such as educational, sports and nature programs. It also emphasises on entertainment functions. The park is best suited for the purpose of relaxation, recreation and tourism purpose (Conservancy, n.d.). In general, the part presents its nature on the image and text through the marketing platforms. Thus, it is the best site to visit once in a lifetime.

As described in these image and text analysis, the following questions can be answered.

  • What is shown and why? In Central Park marketing strategies, it focuses on showcasing sports and recreation sites. It also markets tourism and cultural activities. This is guided by their mission of building a great organisation that sets the standards and spread principles of park management by emphasising the environmental excellence to improve the quality of open space for enjoyment to all people. Thus, Central Park is an attractive site to visit and experience the nature of the park.
  • Who is represented and what is the main target group? The Park represents sportspersons and family members. The representation is seen running, probably marathon and some are seen cycling and horse riding. This can be concluded that the organisation is the recreational centre and mostly focuses on the sports and educational programs. For this reason, it can be concluded that the park targets education and sportsperson who are mainly represented in the image and test contents.
  • The main target group: The resort presents itself as the best site for both fun and planning for children, couples, family, business organisation and groups.
  • Who/what is left out? According to the marketing strategies, it is noticeable that they left out wrestling and hockey sportsperson because they all comprise the sporting activities which hold a share as per the main target of sportspersons.
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In conclusion, Central Park New York presents itself as one of the best destination for entertainment and fun worldwide. It offers a variety of activities that ranges from the sports, educational, cultural and education programs. The marketing strategies of the park aim at attracting a variety of groups that includes couples, children, and families that have passion in sporting activities such as basketball, soccer, horse rides and athletic. The central park seems to be putting more effort on the values of recreational and safety of nature and entertainment sites.

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