Earned Digital Media

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Types of Earned Digital Media Strategy and Objectives

Earned digital media strategy is another essential promotional technique for Tellicherry Company. It refers to the users’ generated content, where the consumers create content about a company based on their interactions with the business or the influence of third parties (Choat, 2017). Although the company has no control over the earned digital media, it has the power to influence the message and content provided in various digital channels. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the type of content, message, tactics, and digital channels of earned digital media, and its effectiveness in Tellicherry Company. The findings will be the key in the formulation of recommendations to improve the efficient use of earned digital media strategies at Tellicherry Company.

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Earned media provides essential content marketing information about a company. According to Smith & Chaffey (2017) content marketing is a process through which an organization provides information to the consumers with the aim of increasing their interest in the operations of the enterprise. Earned media avails a wide variety of content information about an organization. This includes consumer product reviews, which outlines the positive and negative feedback about the goods and services of a company. Consumers also give recommendations about the best products in a company; they do this by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the commodities. Noteworthy, earned media is the voice of one or many consumers, and they generate recommendations after constructive discussions about their experiences with a particular product.

Besides, the digital strategy content also discusses the types of the distribution channels of a firm through the provision of information about where a consumer can find a company’s products. For instance, the consumers may discuss the best store in an area depending on the level of customer service, employee efficiency, or the variety of goods. If an organization sells its products directly to the consumers through e-commerce, earned media will state the digital selling channels.

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Another critical aspect of earned digital strategy is its messages to the public. Since an organization relies on this promotional technique to attract new consumers from the general public, the type of message dictates the interest or lack of interest in a company. The messages include positive word of mouth about business, photos, social media posts, and videos that discuss the operations of a firm.

Effectiveness of Earned Media Digital Strategies to the Brand

The effectiveness of earned media depends on the employment of the right promotional tactics including, using a variety of channels to reach a broad customer base. For example, a company should create social media pages on popular social platforms, where the consumers can communicate freely and share ideas and opinions about the efficiency of an organization. Other tactics include uploading short and captivating videos, create conversations around a particular company, viral releases, and direct referencing to a company’s original content (Kohtamäki, 2017). As a result, the credibility and reliability of the content marketing information will be unquestionable.

It is also essential to identify the types of earned digital media channels. Consumer-generated information can be shared through social media sites, viral campaigns, blogs, online ratings, and voice of mouth. In Facebook, for instance, the user can hold live videos to interact with other individuals. They use the platform to discuss product quality and how the management can improve these goods. On the other hand, the consumer’s tweet and retweet their views to create a significant impact on an institution in a Twitter account, hence attract the attention of the rest of the public.

Earned digital media strategies have been effective for Tellicherry Company in various ways. First of all, the approach has led to a high awareness about the innovativeness of the company’s products in the market. Through word of mouth, the consumers express their admiration for Mickki Langston’s concern for the preservation of the environment. As the formal leader of a local movement, whose sole purpose was growing the region’s economy, her reputation precedes her. Therefore, the public is keen to give Mickki, through the Tellicherry Company, an opportunity to make a positive contribution to their lives.

Secondly, Tellicherry’s positive online reviews and ratings of its products has a significant impact on its brand awareness of the company. Due to the presence of many organic soap and oil companies in the market, it is imperative for potential consumers to identify the best products from the broad selection. These customers rely on the advice and referrals from other individuals that have had personal contact with the products. Since the users of Tellicherry products provide positive feedback about the company, the organization has more customer traffic on its website. Consequently, there has been a continuous increase in the total sales level.

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Besides, earned media provides credible and trustworthy information about Tellicherry Company. Currently, the organization relies on the owned and earned digital strategies to advertise products in the market. With the absence of a paid media, there is a huge reliance on earned media to create a positive perception about the entity in the court of public opinion. Evidently, the firm has attained its objective of earned digital media as seen from the number of new customers that purchase soap and oil products through the company website.


However, it is vital for the management to make significant improvements in the earned digital media to gain a more significant market share. One of the recommendations is to identify the primary objectives of the owned digital media strategy. Tellicherry should establish the target audience and the suitable information content for the group. Moreover, it should communicate these details to the consumers through public relations, where the enterprise makes public announcements about its intentions in the market. As a result, the earned media will reflect the mission of the company.

Two, it is crucial for the company to create creative content about the organic industry within the area of specialization. Since the environmental sustainability is still a novel concept, there is inadequate literature describing the benefits of adopting environmentally friendly products. Therefore, the organization should provide this information, and the articles will be a reference for future articles on green businesses. Subsequently, Tellicherry Company will be well known all over the world.

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Thirdly, the firm should also increase its presence in popular social media sites. An Instagram account is not enough for the promotion of Tellicherry’s products; the business should open a Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In accounts. It should also be more active on the YouTube, where it can stream live videos to the potential and existing customers.  Increasing its digital presence, Tellicherry will be privy to valuable customer feedback, and any other information that can help with its growth. Besides, the company will have a direct line of response to the customers.

Lastly, the management should ensure the alignment of paid, earned and owned digital media strategies. Although each of these approaches operates differently, they should all communicate similar information about the company. Moreover, the information should also facilitate the achievement of the organization’s objectives. The recognition of the equal importance of the three digital strategies of the company’s success is the first step towards the establishment of high digital brand awareness.

Digital Tactic Chart

Media Audience Description Touch points Role Benefits Challenges
Earned Strangers

Population that is unaware about the existence of Tellicherry Company and the innovative products

How the consumers or users of the company’s products talk about the institution. ●      Viral campaigns

●      Buzz-feed

●      Word of mouth

●      Blogs

●      To spread awareness about an existing company.

●      Provide essential details about an organization including products, locations, and prices.

●      Credible information

●      Enhances the transparency of the company

●      No control over the media

●      Difficult to measure the effectiveness of the media.



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