Creation vs. Evolution

Table of Contents

Introduction Body 2.1 American Fundamentalist Protestantism 2.2 Court Cases 2.2.1 Scopes v State (in favor of creation) 2.2.2 Epperson v. Arkansas (creation – evolution balanced) 2.3 Arkansas Act 590 2.3.1 Definition of creation 2.3.2 Definition of evolution 2.4 Facts falsifying evolution theory 2.4.1 Random mutation against Bible 2.4.2 Fossils and the world flood Conclusion Works Cited Evolution has always been one of the world’s dilemmas.  One of the questions every human being wants to find the answer to is where we came from and what is the aim of our life.  We are not aware of the purpose of our existence and many of the scientists as well as theologians have tried to find the reliable answer.  When we think about the appearance of life on earth, the name of Charles Darwin is probably the first to come to our mind.  He developed the theory of evolution which traces the evolution of homo sapiens from the Australopithecus.  However, for most of the people it is very hard to believe that monkeys can be our parents.  The design of the world demonstrates that there should be the designer and the humans are the key source of information to support this idea.
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