Why is america so violent?

In order to adequately address America’s emerging meanness/insensitivity we must also have a look at the trends of the past thirty years of our main source of information and entertainment: television. From about the 70’s onward, issues that were normally swept under the carpet such as racism, homosexuality and senseless violent crimes were brought to the forefront in family programming In terms of changing the views regarding Blacks in the United States, the television series “Roots” brought about an enormous surge of passionate responses from the Black population in terms of the injustices done to their ancestors that still continued into the 20th Century. This spawned a change in television and film in regard to Black people, and a demand for European Americans to make amends. In questioning Baby Boomers, the general consensus seems to be that Roots was the beginning of a nastiness that has carried through over three decades. Lest this sound racist, it does make sense. Whenever a group of people who has been discriminated against start making waves, the majority will resist and history has shown that there is no right way to make those waves without getting mean in some way.
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